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  1. I also don't understand this question as you quoted Issue's request for clarification. What is the issue you are having?
  2. Has anyone experienced a scenario under VSC/Safety Car in Multiplayer Leagues where the AI gets a rocket under their asses, and plows through everyone? It's happened a few times in our league now, and has even led to a handful of users DNF'ing due to being crashed out. We had one last night in the Netherlands that caused a seven car wreck that ultimately took out one user, and three AI. Just curious to see if anyone else has experienced scenarios where the AI go full torpedo. I've only seen this occur on Xbox. Haven't played enough AI involved modes on PS yet to see it.
  3. Ok will do! I'll submit one tonight.
  4. Sincere question: Do you want me to submit a bug report with the steps I had to take to get the engineer audio to broadcast?
  5. He actually does as long as you change the audio from Headphones to Main Output. Again, select the option that does NOT have (Auto) before it. When in an Xbox Party (as it was last year) the direct radio setting (Headphones) wouldn't work because your "radio" was occupied by party chat. Switch it to main audio output will still broadcast the engineer through you game audio channel opposed to your voice chat channel.
  6. 1. During two multiplayer private league races, one or more of the users either had a DNF or DSQ. This resulted in a number of AI drivers having their lap times spiked. This was an issue last game title as well. 2. Game Version: 1.03 3. Game Mode: Leagues 4. Unable to recreate as it happens at random. 5. It happened often last title, but this title it has now happened twice. Ironically it was back to back. 6. Unable to troubleshoot. 7. Xbox Series X Game Pad 8. Screenshots of both races below. These occured back
  7. Xbox Series X No Engineer Audio from any audio outputs. So when I initially went into the audio menu, it was set to (Auto) Main Audio Output. I could not change that setting at all. When I switched from my surround sound to my headset, all the options unlocked. When I moved it off of (Auto) the audio worked. Both in the headphones like a direct radio, and on Main Audio Output. As long I chose either option that DID NOT have (Auto) in front of it, the engineer could be heard. Hope this answers your question.
  8. Ok guys I fixed it. Need to take it OFF of the (auto) settings when my headphones are plugged in. Same as last year. That was the work around.
  9. I know this was an issue last year too early on, but I can't find that threat to troubleshoot. I have everything set to default for engineer (so the default setting should have never shut up) and I have nothing. For any scenario. Pits, Damage, General Race Info. I also can't adjust audio output as it is locked to "Auto(Main Output Device)" Any help would be appreciated. - Devils
  10. Dirt rally no me reconoce el volante Logitech g27, tampoco Steam me reconoce el mando, tengo instalado windows 10, ya probé varias configuraciones, probé también el driver lgs510, etc. y no hay forma que funcione. Vi por youtube un tutorial del x360ce que lo reconoce pero no me animo a instalarlo, cómo me pueden ayudar?

    1. DevilsManiac


      Necesitas contactar con logitech. Hubo una actualización de Windows 10 que ha causado problemas con las ruedas. Logitech puede tener un parche que puede descargar para solucionar esto.
    2. robertochiosso


      Ya envié la solicitud de asistencia a Logitech, el volante es genial y el juego Dirt rally es excelente, lamentablemente windows 10 no lo reconoce, espero me puedan ayudar

    3. DevilsManiac


      Soy incapaz de. No estoy lo suficientemente familiarizado con el tema como para ser de alguna ayuda. Lo siento
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