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  1. I appreciate the help. I tried to see if it was Discord causing the issue. Sadly, this did not fix the problem. I've repaired the x64_SpeechRuntime.msi file, repaired the MSKinect_Lang file, I've deleted and reinstalled as well. No such luck. No change in Voice Control status even with other apps closed that might use my microphone. I also tried verifying, reinstalling, repairing and installing, and re-downloading the MSKinect and Runtime files with other apps off. Still nothing changes. Voice Control Unavailable. 1.05 on PC via Steam.
  2. Bumping. Still an issue with 1.05. I've tried verifying files, reinstalling MSKinect files. Nothing.
  3. Same thing happens to me. One note difference for me is I was able to use my mic on my headset (same as Th3Hero) on F1 2017, I haven't used F1 2018 or '19, but I can confirm I can't use Voice Control either on F1 2020.
  4. I replicated this 22 times in my Driver Career Mode. I've also now replicated this in a secondary Driver Career Mode, as well as My Team Mode. Each time the Simulate Race ends with a black screen, never showing results. Upon reloading up F1 2020, the schedule, standings, and other pages all show No results for anyone. When making it to the end of the season, the game can't handle a season with everyone at 0 pts, so it crashes. See my thread for more info + screenshots here. @BarryBL
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