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  1. I do own the game already but since quite some people do have issues with MP I am wondering if it will be good promotion.
  2. Tricky one. Looking forward for online multiplayer.
  3. I thought I was old. I am only 51.
  4. Playing on PC. I am on track while in the Grand Prix mode. The one above Time Trial.
  5. I am not able to adjust my camera settings for cockpit mode anymore after the update 1.0.6.
  6. Manual race starts are not there anymore after patch 1.0.6? EDIT: Still there, but it was set to assisted after the update. And was not aware it was under Simulation settings. Did expect it under assists.
  7. I think when driving with T cam there is much more understeer than when driving in cockpit view.
  8. Yes, you're right, That was causing the issue.
  9. Is it just me or is the replay of very bad quality? Check the video to see what I mean. There is a very bad focus which causes a blurry image.
  10. It seems the car behaviour is quite different when you race in the Grand Prix option or in My Team. Ai in Grand Prix are too fast on straights, too aggressive compared to My Team on the same AI level. Also when take kerbs in Grand Prix a big change you will spin. In My Team it feels much better. Also in Grand Prix mode I had several times 5 or 10 AI cars did crash in one incident and DNF.
  11. He is right. If you play AI on 95 in My Team there are much easier to keep up with. So the AI level in a Grand Prix race and a race in My Team are different.
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