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  1. Schumacher Digital July 1st Yes and yes Gt is Sanesociopath
  2. I took part in practice, qualifying, and completed a race but it's like I never took part. After qualifying I had a time but no score, thought nothing of it was it seemed that way for everyone. But after the race was over everything went blank in my results even though I came in third.
  3. This is something I've always found odd... I'll have them pull off crazy defense when I'm on a hotlap during their outlap but if I do my own inlaps and am trying to be somewhat nice they just sit there side by side with me. Never had the "box this lap" work usually as soon as I get yellow flagged they catch on
  4. Sanesociopath

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    Sanesociopath xbox 1
  5. Sanesociopath

    AI don't make a Pitstop

    To anyone not understanding this, it's because the pitstop itself isn't whats mandatory but instead under normal dry conditions a swap to another tire compound must be made but since their are only interment and full wet weather tires to choose from and it would be unsafe to require teams to swap to a different compound not fitting to the current wet weather the rule is nullified and as such their is no longer a requirement to pit.
  6. Sanesociopath

    Parc Ferme not working right

    At least you can change your strategy and are on an honor system i keep getting stuck with crappy softs while the ai im fighting get to switch