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  1. Hi, Started my Team now for the 5th time. And always got the same issue... ALL Supporting things like Traction controll and so on are On while driving, also the Automatic Shifting. But in the normal settings under "assistance" they are turned OFF. Well. If i play normal Raceweekend, it works and i have no support of anything at all. like it should be if you choose "elite". But for some reason it dos not work with the myteam mode. thats no fun. i even quit the first practice on australia cause automatic shifting and no tire lock ups are totally lame.... Is there a fix or is it just (like with my ZERO Pitcoins instead of the 15000 or 5000 or whatever for preorder is there) a bug? Using a Logitech G920 nothing spectular or special Windows 10 reinstalled already 4 times. Kind of Pain in the ass with a 1.5 mb/s download rate.
  2. Kutzix

    F1 2020 Podium Pass bug

    Yeah but i expect that at least my game is like "oh you have selected elite driving skill so here you have no assist at all" but the game still says "wait let me change your gears and handle the braking and traction controll!" i already reinstalled 4 times and its always the same. Nice. Also i expect that when im preordering it that i got my f**** Pitcoins. But. after 01:00 last night (when i wanted to get my Podium pass that actually doesnt work or can be bought) the Game was like: Nope! here you got ZERO Pitcoins. Thats a Joke and Alonso would say "BUNCH OF AMATEURS"
  3. Kutzix

    Ricciardo to Mclaren

    Maybe a little bit late. But put Steiner to Mclaren next season and MClaren will is my dream team! :3