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  1. 1. After finishing a 10 race season of my team the game won’t advance time instead just freezing. I also get the same issue when trying to look at a department in the R&D section. 2. 1.04 3. My Team 4. 5 times. After completing a 10 race season re-sign the sponsors and try advancing time. Also try going into individual departments on the R&D tab to purchase an upgrade after the last race of the season. 5. Deleted and reinstalled game, also tried moving the save file onto usb then back onto system storage but still won’t work. 6. Here is video of problem:
  2. Yep worked thanks!
  3. Fab thank you!
  4. 1. When I cycle along to the finance history option on the corporate tab on PS4 the game crashes, meaning I also cant get to the customisation tab. I get the error code CE-34878-0. 2. 1.03 3. My Team 4. 6 times. Try to cycle to the finance history option in the corporate tab of my team on PS4. 5. Tried with and without an internet connection over the course of 2 days and it still crashes. 6. Here is video of problem: