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  1. rVirius

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    A look at the department performance at the start of a new driver career. For me the Ferrari engine still seems too powerful which is probably the main reason why they remain above Mclaren and Renault in the overall performance. For my team, the argument that the Ferrari engine needs to remain so powered for 'balance' makes no sense since it surely now makes the game unbalanced whenever a player picks the ferrari engine. It is important to remember that we'll have to test in-race first before we can really see how much performance has changed. If the performance in-race matches this then I have to admit that this patch is a little disappointing. If we had gotten a similar patch a month or so ago as a temporary fix while data was gathered for a more accurate patch this would be ok for me but for this to be the patch we get after all this time makes it pretty disappointing, especially since no changes have been made to my team. While I know many others will be disappointed may I remind everyone not to attack or insult the devs.
  2. rVirius

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I think it's important to note that Ferrari are currently trying to avoid talking about how down on power their engine is. If, as has been suggested, the performance of the cars might need to be agreed before Codemasters can change it then it may not be so simple to lower the performance of the Ferrari engine. I do hope we can get it sorted soon and it would be nice to have a little more communication on what's happening with updates but I think it's important to understand how difficult it can be for Codemasters to work around their licensing agreements. In the long run it would be great if F1 could give them a lot more freedom in the license but that is difficult with the way F1 is structured.
  3. rVirius

    My Team Season 1 Driver Moves Results (Not Good)

    No, on pc. I had thought about if simulating made a difference but then some people seem to be saying they got similarly silly moves when driving the season as well. I would really like that as well although I think they should definitely have a good system for the game to do transfers as well so players can choose.
  4. rVirius

    My Team Season 1 Driver Moves Results (Not Good)

    I simulated a season to see some driver changes and Bottas was leading the championship then decided to change teams to Alpha Tauri. Would have been really annoying if it had happened in my actual myTeam rather than one I was using to test it.
  5. I suspect F1 currently insists on fake sponsors. To get the official partners might actually require F1 and the partners to change the details of their sponsorship contract as those can be very restrictive on where the sponsors logo can and can't be used. Also, Heineken wouldn't be possible anyway as adding that would increase the age rating of the game.
  6. rVirius

    Verify DOB for adult sponsors

    The rating system gets pretty complex sometimes with things like this. The total war games keep out blood and gore from the main game and then sell it as a cheap dlc (Which almost everyone seems to hate as much as Creative Assembly try to explain it) which may work as a rating workaround. That doesn't solve the license issue as I suspect F1 don't allow that in the game at all. Codemasters seem to have had recent success with getting more allowed in the license but I suspect they have to choose carefully which things to push for. If you take a look around other suggestions there are a lot of things people want that are restricted by the license so I wouldn't expect this to happen any time soon if at all.
  7. rVirius

    We Race Together Logo

    It would definitely be nice to be able to use the We Race Together Logo. With faces I think an overhaul of the faces system for the next game would be good. Even if we didn't get the ability to modify the faces physically, skin tone as well as actual hair with colour options would be great to have. Generally more faces for any ethnicity with few or no choices atm such as Mediterranean faces as you suggested. I think a larger variety of commentary names would also be good to have as there seems to be hardly any choices for other ethnic surnames. Not everything can be added obviously but the selection could be better.
  8. rVirius

    My Team Season 1 Driver Moves Results (Not Good)

    There doesn't seem to be any significant logic system with drivers transfers. I somewhat accepted it when the feature was new last year but it's disappointing that it hasn't been improved. I feel there's been similar issues with how performance changes over seasons in previous games but that is hopefully better with the facilities etc. Programming in logic to driver transfers can obviously get quite complex but I'm not sure driver transfers are that worth having on without decent logic. Not sure why off season only has be removed as well. Honestly though I kinda want the option to be able to control the driver transfers for all teams myself. Obviously that means your team won't really get caught out in the driver market unless you make it that way but I think it would be a useful option given the current lack of significant logic in driver transfers and potential difficulty with developing a really good logic that will never be to everyone's tastes. Hopefully F1 don't prohibit that in the licence or something.
  9. rVirius

    Choose My Team Teammate from full F2 Roster

    I definitely think that the choice should be from all f2 drivers. I don't feel that there's any reason to limit it for the first season, especially given you can basically refresh the choices. I get the argument that if you're offering a seat in f1 to an f2 driver they might be willing to take a little bit lower pay just to get into f1. From a gameplay point of view though, that would eliminate the balancing act between engine and driver for your first season.