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  1. A look at the department performance at the start of a new driver career. For me the Ferrari engine still seems too powerful which is probably the main reason why they remain above Mclaren and Renault in the overall performance. For my team, the argument that the Ferrari engine needs to remain so powered for 'balance' makes no sense since it surely now makes the game unbalanced whenever a player picks the ferrari engine. It is important to remember that we'll have to test in-race first before we can really see how much performance has changed. If the performance in-ra
  2. I think it's important to note that Ferrari are currently trying to avoid talking about how down on power their engine is. If, as has been suggested, the performance of the cars might need to be agreed before Codemasters can change it then it may not be so simple to lower the performance of the Ferrari engine. I do hope we can get it sorted soon and it would be nice to have a little more communication on what's happening with updates but I think it's important to understand how difficult it can be for Codemasters to work around their licensing agreements. In the long run it would be great if F
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