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  1. You can change all settings, up to the point you first leave the pits in Q1.
  2. As has already been said, the argument that they can't be sheltered from everything in all forms of media, does not mean we should just open the doors to everything, because, hey, why bother? I'm busy bringing up my 2 teenagers to not be peer pressured into gambling, nor alcohol, nor tobacco, despite my indulging in the latter two. Who knows, perhaps I wouldn't have got into those if I wasn't seeing JPS Lotus, Marlboro McClaren and the rest throughout the 70s. There's no way to prove or disprove either way, but limiting exposure has to be the better way. This doesn't absolve parental responsib
  3. Ah, a responsible society. I see. 🙄
  4. So, you'll sacrifice exposing young players to alcohol and betting companies, for your greater 'immersion' & 'realism'? Oh, and I'm not sure EA can be held up as any kind of ethical model to be followed.
  5. Passion is fine, attitude a little aggressive is not, imo.
  6. It's feasible they have bigger issues at the moment than how they're perceived in a video game 😅
  7. Perhaps don't upgrade so quickly, pace it out. Don't throw all your money at facilities so early, don't upgrade RP generation until the latest point. There is playability in there. Could it use more? Yes, obviously, and more sophisticated team management theories, as has been mentioned. But don't forget, this is the first season this scenario has been added to the game. Hopefully CM will, to mix my sports metaphors, pick that ball up and run with it.
  8. Thought I read somewhere that CM we're looking to add support for F1 2020 sometime in September.
  9. Custom livery for Spain. Now, I know it's a little gaudy... But since this was Catalunya, I prefer to think of it as Gaudi 😉😉
  10. Season 2 for Zanardi Racing, tried to bring through shades of the '93 Lotus:
  11. Sorry, I disagree. It must be scaleable: Because the majority of users of this game (it's not sold as a sim, however much some people want to see it that way) don't have free time to run 22 100% races, full season, we don't deserve the right features? It's the blindfold, monitor switched off all over again.
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