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    Season 2, Paul Ricard
  2. amazingblaze

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    Perhaps don't upgrade so quickly, pace it out. Don't throw all your money at facilities so early, don't upgrade RP generation until the latest point. There is playability in there. Could it use more? Yes, obviously, and more sophisticated team management theories, as has been mentioned. But don't forget, this is the first season this scenario has been added to the game. Hopefully CM will, to mix my sports metaphors, pick that ball up and run with it.
  3. amazingblaze

    Where is the performance update?

    Personally, with that level of bad language and abuse, I suspect they ARE thankful he's uninstalled it. Why would you want someone who does that to be a customer?
  4. amazingblaze

    Any update on G923 support?

    Thought I read somewhere that CM we're looking to add support for F1 2020 sometime in September.
  5. amazingblaze

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    I think it's a response to the OP.
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    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    Custom livery for Spain. Now, I know it's a little gaudy... But since this was Catalunya, I prefer to think of it as Gaudi 😉😉
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    Sim League

  8. amazingblaze

    Tyre strategy midrace

    Don't forget you can set your pit strategy before rhe race, and select which tyres at that point, as well as your pit lap.
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    I'd recommend searching through @PJTierney's videos. I'm pretty sure there's one in there on calibrating your controller that will help throttle control and steering.
  10. amazingblaze

    Wheel to start with

    I'd echo @TLNeo, I picked up a second hand Tmx Pro on Saturday, it's great to use, especially with the brake pedal fix, but I'm unable to compare it to the Logitech. I would say the FFB is quiet, and I've read the Logitech is fairly noisy in operation, but that may not be an issue for you.
  11. amazingblaze

    MVH studio f1 wheels

    Good deal. If anyone spots similar for the TM F1 wheel, please let us know 😁
  12. amazingblaze

    Transfer of pilots in my team with little movement

    That was quite a long time ago now. Not sure how he just won driver of the day, when Perez comes back after two weeks out to finish 5th (4th if he hadn't ignored those blue flags)
  13. amazingblaze

    Career Calendar Q?

    Yep, that's the case 👍
  14. Don't get me wrong, I'm no completionist either, my skills (or lack of) in any game naturally take care of that! It can't be beyond the wit of man to have alternative routes for on and offline players, though. It's my choice not to play online, so I'll take the lumps; for those who don't have sufficient or reliable broadband, it's not a choice.
  15. I do see where the OP is coming from, though. If you're of the completionist nature, the weekly and VIP challenges are never going to be ticked off, if you don't race online. I've dabbled my toe in that water (in F1 2019) by necessity unranked, and been unceremoniously shunted from all angles, and I don't see that as fun, so won't be doing it with this iteration. However, CM aren't alone in this if you look at FH4 and their Forzathon challenges, the same applies. If that excludes players from obtaining the Chrome Livery, ie if that's the only way to get it, and it's not going to be in the weekly Shop at any point, then it does kind of suck. Like you, @marioho, I'm currently clocking up unknown XP at level 30, and have what I want from what I've seen so far. To the OP point, I do think game devs do make the assumption that everyone who wants this game also has suitable interest access, and that's obviously not the case in many rural areas all over the world.
  16. amazingblaze

    Who said the AI don't make mistakes

    Didn't Grosjean plant it in a barrier on the formation lap in Baku? 😳
  17. You are Christian Horner and I claim my £5 🤣🤣
  18. amazingblaze

    Xbox voice commands

    Yep, frustrating. I still have a Kinect from Xbox360, but there's no way to hookit up to Project Scorpio without spending more money for an adapter.
  19. amazingblaze

    Safety car bugged again!!??????

    And herein lies the problem. CM could never find themselves on the winning side here, whatever they do. Some folks say it's fi e, some say they see it too much, some say not enough. How do they debug that?
  20. amazingblaze

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    Season 2 for Zanardi Racing, tried to bring through shades of the '93 Lotus:
  21. Sorry, I disagree. It must be scaleable: Because the majority of users of this game (it's not sold as a sim, however much some people want to see it that way) don't have free time to run 22 100% races, full season, we don't deserve the right features? It's the blindfold, monitor switched off all over again.
  22. Insanely upsetting? Isn't that a slight exaggeration?
  23. amazingblaze

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    I have a feeling we will see Mad Max at Ferrari in around 2023 (after all, they have precedents with Schumi and Vettel for the win at any expense attitude). I don't see him having the patience to join them earlier whilst they rebuild, and he won't go to Mercedes whilst LH is there.
  24. amazingblaze

    CM - please add violence

    Yes, eve n more now 😅😅
  25. amazingblaze

    Safety car and race strategy

    Pretty random, eh? Like IRL? I've just finished a 16 race season on My Team, seen both VSCs and SCS, running 25% races. So, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Who'd a thunk it.