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    Safety car bugged again!!??????

    Or, we could all stop moaning.
  2. amazingblaze

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    Ha.. Haas's problems aren't the car, they're in the car.. A case of what you call the PICNICS, @marioho
  3. amazingblaze

    *** is the timer for if it doesnt do anything?

    There's a way to get your point over to CM. This ^^^ isn't it.
  4. amazingblaze

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    Two from Myteam, COTA:
  5. amazingblaze

    Who can I follow on YouTube?

    Does that mean PC graphics have been pumped up (or at least maintained) , and console cut back, since 2019 had details like that on Xbox One? Not that much of a biggie, I can live without the flyovers.
  6. amazingblaze

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    And they're doing it, but they need as much data as possible, 4 IRL races this year, 3 of which were at high speed circuits, isn't enough for CM to plot the changes.
  7. amazingblaze

    Who can I follow on YouTube?

    Wait a cotton-picking minute! how does he get coloured jet-trails and I don't!! 🤣🤣
  8. amazingblaze

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    If it was priced fairly (say, £25-£30), then at least they'd see some income, and retained brand loyalty.
  9. amazingblaze

    Replacing ICE issue.

    You will find the engine manufacturer themselves provide upgrades as well, without cost, although that will also add additional upgrade options in the R&D tree.
  10. amazingblaze

    Time Trial Glitch

    But we set them up how we want, and we're not trying to compete with TT times..
  11. amazingblaze

    Time Trial Glitch

    That's a very fine distinction.
  12. amazingblaze

    Time Trial Glitch

    I completely agree that if TT is bugged, and allowing Flashback, that it should be fixed. It was your claim that only League players should be using TT, and anyone not interested in setting record times should stay off it. Also, I don't see that League Owners' demands should be treated with any higher priority than other users.
  13. amazingblaze

    Time Trial Glitch

    Blimey - Entitled much?
  14. amazingblaze


    @marioho, I'm upto Monza in my 1st season on Myteam, and I'll be running your setup for FP1 (at least) so I know who to blame. Anybody got any suggestions for what I run in FP2?? 😅
  15. amazingblaze

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    Love that 3rd pic!
  16. amazingblaze

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    Thanks - yes (cough), I planned it that way 😄
  17. amazingblaze

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

  18. amazingblaze

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    I'd agree with that - @PJTierney, did you do some post processing with that?
  19. amazingblaze

    Driver Number.

    58, my age as of this very day.
  20. amazingblaze

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    I might be mistaken, but do we not already have that option in Replay, and then selecting which driver? I appreciate you would have to have an inkling about who made the mistake and when, which would be a major time wasting exercise...
  21. No, you just snide at people who aren't 'the best of the best'.
  22. You see, this is the bit that grinds my gears. The elitist attitude of some users. The same issue yesterday with people trying to outdo each other on how ascetic their approach to the 'game' is. I was expecting someone to claim they drove blindfold or without switching the monitor on. And now this.
  23. amazingblaze

    Which mode you playing?

    Myteam, just passed halfway in S1, originally signed Boccolacci, ditched him for Aitken. Started F2 career, but holding off until the 2020 roster and cats available. Don't do Online.
  24. amazingblaze

    Spectator applause (annoying)

    So, you want the full effect Covid season? I don't think it's evident or noticeable in all tracks, only the 'stadium' type does it appear high in the mix.
  25. amazingblaze

    Are all assists off in Esports?

    "we used to DREAM of living in a corridor"