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    F1 2020 new tracks

    I don't understand anymore.
  2. amazingblaze

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    Well this should end the demand for Hockenheim https://www.gpfans.com/en/articles/54750/hockenheim-pulls-out-of-staging-f1-in-2020/
  3. amazingblaze

    Sack the Meteorologist!

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? I haven't placed it as a bug report, as I can't see that it's easily replicatible (sp?) Myteam, season 1, Canada, somehow managed to squeeze to Q3. Monitor weather forecast said Heavy Rain, wet conditions now and for next 10 mins;when I leave the garage, sunny & Dry! First time I saw it, I'd switched to inters, and slid all over the track. I returned to garage and put on Mediums before I took the second screenshot. Did have Jeff tell me 2 minutes before end of session to say heavy rain was e, pected in around 10 minutes.
  4. amazingblaze

    Sack the Meteorologist!

    I dunno, looking from the garage it seemed fair, but I didn't know if it was pelting with rain the other end of the island ☔😂. Q1 & 2 were dry but overcast. Hey-ho.
  5. amazingblaze

    Logitech G920 steering/looking away problem

    If you add your experience and complete the bug reporting template, the thread is here
  6. amazingblaze

    After Race Interviews

    Suspect this is a portion of the game where it was just about possible to repaste from earlier versions, as they had to make judgement calls given the wfh situation in the last 4 months before release. Just a guess. It's annoying (particularly when she says "well, thanks anyway" when I don't give her a usable quote), but not a biggie.
  7. amazingblaze

    The STATE of this game....

    This is out of order.
  8. amazingblaze

    The STATE of this game....

    I suppose it's then down to each individual whether they continue to buy the game each year. Ultimately you have the power to make them change, if you feel that's their view. I struggle to understand the number of people who post on here saying 'it happens every year/game'. Well then, don't buy it! Either skip it completely, or wait until other users can testify that it's worth spending your money.
  9. amazingblaze

    The STATE of this game....

    Have to say, I've been playing since day of release with Schumi edition, on Xbox 1 X, and haven't encountered anything that makes it unplayable. Granted, I don't race online, because it's not my thing. However, career and Myteam has been faultless. Guess I've also been lucky in the fact I received my PitCoin as expected.
  10. amazingblaze

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    It may have escaped your attention, but this year's fairly unique in that nobody saw this coming, the game and tracks were already planned out and CM had added the tracks F1 had adopted. Since even F1 and FIA haven't been able to make this announcement until today, what do you expect the developers to do? What a ridiculous, fatuous demand to make.
  11. amazingblaze

    Some stuff

    You seem to make the assumption that this is a bug, and go straight to full on (offensive) rant. I've been following posts on here for the last 3 weeks, and I have to tell you that I've seen no-one else raise the issue. In concert with your earlier posts for help on set ups, the only conclusion that could be reached is that you aren't understanding the principles, and this is the forum version of a rage quit. You'll not get the level of help the more knowledgeable members here (not me, I hasten to add!) can give you with that attitude.
  12. amazingblaze

    How do you turn off the new flashback prompt?

    Yep, experienced it the first time I span off after 1.05 yesterday, and it's not appeared since - and believe me, I've not been stuck to the track...
  13. amazingblaze


    Zanardi Racing Full Practice, Short qualy Teammate Dorian Boccolacci.
  14. amazingblaze

    Loading times take forever

    Shouldn't make that much difference on a PS4 Pro, or my Xbox 1 X
  15. amazingblaze

    Least Favourite Track

    Have to agree on Hanoi too, it's like driving around a high security detention centre.
  16. amazingblaze

    Least Favourite Track

    No question. Monaco. It survives in the calendar for no other reasons than it's always been there, and for various reasons a lot of the drivers and bigwigs in the sport have made their home there. It's a complete anachronism. If you qualify well, you'll score well barring a mechanical failure. Absolutely nothing to do with not being anywhere near able to master it in game. 😅
  17. amazingblaze

    Loading times take forever

    I agree on this, loading screens are very long. Interestingly, I didn't feel this on 2019, but jumped on it yesterday, and that seems to be suffering too. I originally thought it had something to do with a console update on Xbox earlier this week, but if you're seeing it on PS4, that's not the case.
  18. amazingblaze

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    I would point out that it's not exclusively a CM problem, of course. FH & Forza have their share, although I concede that the eSports implications and ambitions of F1 make it more complex for this game.
  19. amazingblaze

    R&D Progress - what do these bars mean?

    I just think it's a mis-step in graphic design. My powers of reasoning aren't lacking, I saw no reason to change it.
  20. amazingblaze

    R&D Progress - what do these bars mean?

    Good for you. However, coming from 2019 on the same screen, the key was obviously just the key - the colour bars were the same length for all teams. It's just not intuitive.
  21. amazingblaze


    Especially since Dirt 5 apparently will have a full livery editor.
  22. amazingblaze

    2nd My Team Career?

    I believe that you have 3 Myteam saves possible, yes.
  23. amazingblaze


    Well, that saves me £50 then 😂😂
  24. amazingblaze

    Multiplayer cheats

    Listen, if I have to abide by the forum rules, I don't see why you should continue to break them. And you can't claim ignorance (at least not in this specific case), because you ere involved in the earlier infraction.
  25. amazingblaze

    Multiplayer cheats

    Take your pick. If the shoe fits... There are at least 3 posts naming or presenting screenshots here.