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    Sorry, so headsets/mics don't work? That's ridiculous.
  2. amazingblaze

    Multiplayer cheats

    What is it about the forum rules you don't understand? Whether you agree with them or not, the rule is no naming and shaming.
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    I think he mentioned Kinect because on XB1, the game looks for it and states Kinect not found, voice commands disabled. I've just spent a chunk of the day looking for my headset, but all I can find is one for XB360. It makes more sense than fumbling for the right MFD selection.
  4. amazingblaze

    ETA on updates?

    Because American spelling is the greatest in the world, eh?
  5. amazingblaze

    ETA on updates?

    For anyone who hasn't seen this yet: News
  6. amazingblaze

    ETA on updates?

    Was it a gift? A prize? A review copy for Amazon?
  7. amazingblaze

    Strategy mfd

    Yep, even apart from how fiddly it is to select without voice, I have noticed that a couple actually haven't offered anything different. (in My Team)
  8. amazingblaze

    Photo mode

    Yep, perhaps I didn't phrase it right, but that's what I meant.
  9. amazingblaze

    Photo mode

    Yep, there's no in-game photo mode as there is in Forza and GT Sport. 🤔
  10. amazingblaze

    ETA on updates?

    Thanks, I was already aware, but the statement seemed to imply it was out to the public.
  11. amazingblaze

    ETA on updates?

    Last statement in parentheses, is there something we don't know, or do you mean just that the update is with MS, as we certainly haven't caught up yet. Just for clarity. Thanks
  12. amazingblaze

    ETA on updates?

    Give it a rest.
  13. amazingblaze

    Photo mode

    Brief press on the Xbox button on the centre of your controller, then Y.
  14. amazingblaze

    Xbox update

    Guys, read the posts first. The Xbox update is/was with MS. Patience goes a long way.
  15. amazingblaze

    What does the "TV Mix" option in the audiosettings do?

    TV mix plays engine sounds as presented in broadcast. If you leave it off, you should get cockpit level sounds.
  16. amazingblaze

    R&D Progress - what do these bars mean?

    Agreed - in a standard graph, nobody matches the data series colour legend to the length of the data name, that's just wrong.
  17. amazingblaze

    What I'm hoping will be fixed in the next patch

    I also was getting annoyed when I lapping, getting off the racing line, but having the car behind hang back. I figured out yesterday it's because the yellows are being waved, so the AI are avoiding penalties. Now, I wasn't particularly slow, so suspect the trigger for yellows is set too high.
  18. amazingblaze

    Your end of season retirements/moves

    All this talk of Grosjean retiring, Guenther Steiner must be wishing this game was real life 😂😂
  19. amazingblaze

    No Hard Copies

    .. or, it could be that supply chains are struggling at the moment because of something that's all over the news...
  20. amazingblaze

    "Pars fermé" bug

    Can you change all the settings? You have ability to change Front DF still in Parc Ferme (plus something else I can't recall at mo).
  21. amazingblaze

    Unrealistically fast practice program times.

    I'd agree here. Only on RW2 in My Team, Hanoi. Proving really hard to Green any tests, but initially put that down to me not knowing the track as well as I should. In FP2, though, towards the end of the session, ran qualy pace. Target was 19th, and I failed, returning 21st. However, when I looked at the final times, I finished 5th in the session with a 1:43.I know it's only FP, but that seems slightly off.