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    PSA: Do NOT load a setup in Q1

    You can change all settings, up to the point you first leave the pits in Q1.
  2. amazingblaze

    New liveries and sponsors

    As has already been said, the argument that they can't be sheltered from everything in all forms of media, does not mean we should just open the doors to everything, because, hey, why bother? I'm busy bringing up my 2 teenagers to not be peer pressured into gambling, nor alcohol, nor tobacco, despite my indulging in the latter two. Who knows, perhaps I wouldn't have got into those if I wasn't seeing JPS Lotus, Marlboro McClaren and the rest throughout the 70s. There's no way to prove or disprove either way, but limiting exposure has to be the better way. This doesn't absolve parental responsibility ; just an extra tool.
  3. amazingblaze

    New liveries and sponsors

    Ah, a responsible society. I see. 🙄
  4. amazingblaze

    New liveries and sponsors

    So, you'll sacrifice exposing young players to alcohol and betting companies, for your greater 'immersion' & 'realism'? Oh, and I'm not sure EA can be held up as any kind of ethical model to be followed.
  5. amazingblaze

    New liveries and sponsors

    Get a room! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    THIS IS WRONG IN THE GAME! (no bugs)

    Passion is fine, attitude a little aggressive is not, imo.
  7. amazingblaze

    choice of strategy

    And another.
  8. amazingblaze

    Bahrain Oval instead of Bahrain Short

    Another one for the ignore list.
  9. amazingblaze

    Bahrain Oval instead of Bahrain Short

    Woaah, steady on. I made a mistake, what's the ******* hate about?
  10. amazingblaze

    choice of strategy

    Nope, not a bug. If you read the screen, you have the choice before the race, and you can edit either for length of stints or tyre choice (unless you made it to Q3, but even then, you can choose your 2nd stint tyre).
  11. amazingblaze

    Bahrain Oval instead of Bahrain Short

  12. amazingblaze

    Formula 3 next time round?

    Definitely. Plus the chance to sign Theo Pourchaire and develop him to the great he's going to be. CM?
  13. amazingblaze

    Tire Regulations

    Yep, that's the case. You should watch F1😊
  14. amazingblaze

    Livery updates as promised

    That's not related to this topic. The livery updates mentioned are for the existing F1 teams.
  15. amazingblaze

    Livery updates as promised

    I'm surprised you haven't asked for the special livery they'll be using this weekend. Tomorrow.
  16. amazingblaze

    Livery updates as promised

  17. amazingblaze

    my team

    Drive cleaner.
  18. amazingblaze

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    It's feasible they have bigger issues at the moment than how they're perceived in a video game 😅
  19. amazingblaze

    steering wheel settings in the game

    Worth checking out @PJTierney's guide to wheel settings, here
  20. amazingblaze

    Weather forecasts

    I posted a few weeks ago about this. It's not the forecasts that are at fault. The weather in Practice and qualy, where it gives you a now, and 5, 10, 20 minutes time, the now has quite often been wrong. To the point where I put on inters, as I can see it's raining, and I get a warning when I try to start a session that my tyres are unsuitable. If I wait, then it eventually let's me go out.
  21. amazingblaze

    Update on Anti-cheat measures

    Then don't post in here, post somewhere you know (and yo do know, because you're a leader) your message is more likely to be seen, or do it via DM.
  22. amazingblaze

    my team

    How about Practice and Quali? It covers the whole race weekend.
  23. amazingblaze


    If you're not supposed to be there, yes. And that's the point here, AI will be some time before it's able to differentiate.
  24. amazingblaze

    my team

    I think the OP is referring to the issue discussed here a few weeks ago, where the coloured line on the right hand side gives the impression performance is high. In fact, it just is there to underline and match the letters in the team name. As stated in that thread, it's not clear. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/56390-rd-progress-what-do-these-bars-mean/
  25. amazingblaze

    Livery update?

    See here Same post suggests the performance update will likely drop in October sometime.