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  1. As has already been said, the argument that they can't be sheltered from everything in all forms of media, does not mean we should just open the doors to everything, because, hey, why bother? I'm busy bringing up my 2 teenagers to not be peer pressured into gambling, nor alcohol, nor tobacco, despite my indulging in the latter two. Who knows, perhaps I wouldn't have got into those if I wasn't seeing JPS Lotus, Marlboro McClaren and the rest throughout the 70s. There's no way to prove or disprove either way, but limiting exposure has to be the better way. This doesn't absolve parental responsibility ; just an extra tool. 

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  2. On 9/18/2020 at 12:02 AM, TheEmpireWasRight said:

    Then why is Singha in the F1 2020 game? (FYI: Singha is a Thai beer brand, visible on the Alfa Romeo livery)


    As a matter of fact, Singha has been in the game for a few years already. Also, on the PS3 / XBox360 F1 games by Codemasters, we also got Kingfisher back in the days.


    Seems as if it probably boils down to Codemasters budget, and the creative decision to not make these sponsors available for all, as some countries have a total ban for alcohol or tobacco sponsors. (Which is, on the one hand, understandable, in the way that Codemasters are saving time and effort as well as keeping their budget low. And on the other hand, not understandable, because there is no technical limitation in terms of getting the licence, as everything can be bought at the right price; Not to mention, that Codemasters could easily create a specific update file of the liveries for countries that disallow these sponsorships, whilst everyone else gets the full experience in the vanilla game. Just as in EA's sports games, which are known for this little gimmick.).


    Either way, i hope that in the near future, Codemasters will start giving more attention to the official sponsorships, in order to increase immersion and realism by another notch.


    PS: Speaking of EA's sports games, they are running Heineken, Carlsberg, Estrella Galicia, as well as several "betting" sponsors on their games since 2009, IIRC. Ironically, these sports games are all rated "PEGI 3"...

    So, you'll sacrifice exposing young players to alcohol and betting companies, for your greater 'immersion' & 'realism'? 

    Oh, and I'm not sure EA can be held up as any kind of ethical model to be followed. 

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  3. Nope, not a bug. If you read the screen, you have the choice before the race, and you can edit either for length of stints or tyre choice (unless you made it to Q3, but even then, you can choose your 2nd stint tyre). 

  4. I posted a few weeks ago about this. It's not the forecasts that are at fault. The weather in Practice and qualy, where it gives you a now, and 5, 10, 20 minutes time, the now has quite often been wrong. To the point where I put on inters, as I can see it's raining, and I get a warning when I try to start a session that my tyres are unsuitable. If I wait, then it eventually let's me go out. 

  5. 10 hours ago, MilligramSmile said:

    those. if you are standing on the side of the road and another car crashes into you, is it your fault? AHAHAHAHA

    If you're not supposed to be there, yes. And that's the point here, AI will be some time before it's able to differentiate.