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  1. Will it fix the: „must be signed into Xbox live“ issue?
  2. Counter1616

    Must be signed into Xbox Live

    Anyone got any solutions? I still have the Problem and it didn‘t help
  3. Would like to know that too
  4. I‘m sorry. Thank you for writing that we aren‘t forget. It‘s just really fruststating, F1 19 online was my favourite Game the Last months. And when you can not even play online its frustrating. But thanks for answering 🙂
  5. No, sometimes there is an error Code, sometimes Not, Even for the patch
  6. Counter1616

    Must be signed into Xbox Live

    Having the Same issue
  7. No, hasn‘t been fixed or found one.
  8. Hello? Are you still there. I mean i don‘t want to be unrespectful.
  9. Okay. Thank you. 1. In every Online Mode/Session i get kicked out of the lobby, then there is standing, you must be logged in Xbox live. With the error Code HO78.6443 ( I don‘t know if it is a zero or an O. I play on xbox. 2. Version 1.02 3. Every online Mode. 4. I Don‘t know how often it happened. I played online for like 20-30 times and it happens always. 5. I already tried reinstall the Game and changed telemetry to Open. 6. the issue happens not in a exact time. Sometimes when i wait in a Lobby. Sometimes when i am driving As Information. I don‘t have this Problem in any other Game. Not even in formula 16,17,18,19
  10. Sorry. I‘m not the best in english. I will try. So as I said i always get kicked out of online sessions and then the reason is i have to be logged in a Xbox live account. Game Version is 1.02, it happens in every online mode, it happens everytime, sometimes after one minute, another time a Bit later, there are no steps to do this because i am just playing online. I have tried to install it again and to change my telemetry to Open. Nothing helped. I‘m using the xbox elite Controller. I can add a screenshot later if you want.  i have NAT type moderate and i am wired. But moderate isn‘t a Problem and i don‘t have this problem in F1 2019 or in any other Games. I‘m only logged in my account.