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  1. If you're braking right to the limit and not locking up your tires with ABS off it's going to be faster than having ABS on and having it activate while braking. Activated ABS will increase braking distance over "proper" braking.
  2. Bug report format, and include a screenshot of your settings and the in game screen.
  3. Yep, I'm at this point on my 10 race My Team career. I finished the 10th race, and now if I try to advance time the game just freezes/crashes.
  4. There is no reason you have to be slower with ABS on, no idea why you would think that. ABS only activates if you lock the wheels up. If you're max braking to the point just before lock up, it doesn't matter if you have ABS on or off, your braking force is the same and the wheels aren't locking up either way.
  5. Hopefully this gets sorted!
  6. anthonyd5189

    Give us Co-Op for my team.

    I find it so silly that Codemasters REMOVED features from this series. Why would you have co-op in 2012-2014 and then remove it from future titles.
  7. Just sat around for 10 minutes for my one opportunity to run the race today only to get a connection error while joining (didn't catch the exact code). Once back to the weekly event page, the timer read 58 minutes and I can't join for an hour. Why not allow a 2-3 minute window to join instead of the one-shot and done that way if someone doesn't connect on the first go they at least can attempt again before having to wait another hour? VERY frustrating that I miss out on this because the servers are garbage.
  8. anthonyd5189

    Tyre overheating

    Lower your tire pressure...starting with them that high is for sure going to cause over heating.
  9. Right? I had one 10 race season ruined about 6 races in where I was unable to do anything because any time I tried to advance it would just crash. Then on my 2nd My Team attempt I have this issue. I'm not against doing a 22 race season, but I prefer doing longer races (50%) and doing that for 22 races is a good chunk of time, and unfortunately time I don't have if I want the full My Team experience. So for now I'll just keep on going with my current My Team and just never go to the finances page...hopefully I don't actually need to go in there.
  10. Kind of a bummer that this isn't getting much attention. It completely removes that aspect of the game for right now unless I just start a new career with 22 race seasons.
  11. I just chalk it up to my team being new...I'm curious to see what kind of effect a fully upgraded durability tree has on it.
  12. So just tried to do something. Since someone had mentioned that there is no issue with a 22 race season, which I just confirmed as well, I figured I'd start one quick so I can go over the "driver market" tab and play the audio without crashing. So I did that, went back to my 10 race season save, went over the "driver market" tab, the audio didn't play which I thought would be a fix. As soon as I got to the "financial" tab, the game crashed. So it does indeed seem to be an issue with the "financial" page, not sure what specifically it is about a 10 or 16 race season that is different from a 22 race season, but whatever that difference is seems to be the issue.
  13. Yes, I fill activities every time it's possible to do so. I can't actually get to the finances page long enough to look. My game crash happens once the "driver market" description audio begins. If you watch TomL's video, and if you look at my linked post and watch my video, you'll see that it appears something with the audio is causing the crash. And since the game crashes, it doesn't recognize that I've been to that page before, so it will replay the audio the next time I scroll over the "driver market" and will crash again, etc, etc.
  14. @TomCooperCM Figure I'd chime in here as well since I'm having the identical issue and no one has responded to my post. I'm running Mercedes for an engine, Schumacher for my teammate. I drive the races and do 1 or 2 practices (however long it takes me to get all objectives done) and typically simulate the 3rd practice. I do the qualifying.
  15. anthonyd5189

    [F1 2020] My Team

    @Eenzeenz Change your anti-ailaising settings. There's a pinned thread on the Black Screen issue.