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    Performance Patch coming soon?

    See I agree with this (but I'd send Ferrari to the bottom). Before I say anything, this is of interest. (I'm aware drag/downforce levels can cloud this but its interesting regardless as the higher downforce cars seem to be the ones with the higher speeds, so it's less convoluted) PU Manufacturer, Q3 Top Speeds - Austria 2020 Merc - 325kph (Bottas) Honda - 324kph (Albon) Renault - 322kph (Ricciardo) Ferrari - 313kph (Leclerc) - keep in mind Ferrari hit 330kph here in 2019... this is a woeful drop of near 20kph! And I respect the amount of work that has gone into this game, it's unreal, but the assumed performance order still looks sort of basically calculated. I understand exact team positions is hard and a complex scenario to get right (legally as well), especially with this season only just starting last week. But I think on a less complex note, the engine performance order.. I'm not a huge fan of it currently. Looks a little rushed.. We've got a staff member (thank you by the way to Barry for giving us the time of day to discuss, It's always greatly appreciated! Understand your time is valuable) saying that Honda, for example, being placed last is because their best chassis is a Red Bull (historically a top 3 car), as opposed to Renault which only have mid field representatives (Renault, McLaren). So if this logic is used, is Toro Rosso having their single best season to date last year (with a Honda), being only 6 points away from the works Renault team and arguably could of dethroned them if the final race didn't have crash incidents, taken into account? There were tracks towards the end where you have Mercedes themselves admitting Honda have more performance than them. Is that taken into account? Pre-Season testing, they looked at worst second best power wise and first race, same deal through all sessions. Reliability wise.. For being the only PU manufacturer to not have a single on track failure the entire season across 4 cars (granted a couple extra changes were made, although these were due to crashes, not fails) in 2019, I think they've been hard done by having the slowest, most unreliable engine on the field for the game. Comparatively, we had Renault across both teams having several, broad issues, ICE fails, turbo failures, MGU-K and H issues. It was broad spectrum. Ferrari had K issues across teams and Merc had plenty of issues across all teams. Call me a stickler for the details, but just seems wrong and almost a disservice to a manufacturer. I know Lee is a big Renault fan but come on chaps haha...