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  1. The engine mode ban has no impact on ERS. The system will continue to work as it has since 2014, where there is a maximum harvest and deployment amount of energy per lap, used whenever the driver sees fit (up to that limit).
  2. apcud7

    Cars performance patch affects career?

    Anyone know how the patch will impact realistic car leagues that are midway through a season?
  3. apcud7

    Replays for multiplayer

    This is something I would use literally every race. In our league we are always watching each other's highlights afterwards and half the time they are terrible. Also it would be very helpful for judging crashes and mistakes for imposing penalties. This would be an incredible addition to the game and should already exist, in all honesty.
  4. @BarryBL What happens to a private league using realistic cars when the performance patch comes through? Will we have an option to not apply the changes until our league is over or will our cars change performance mid-league? Also, is anything else changing besides Ferrari and Racing Point? Thank you!
  5. apcud7

    Dynamic Weather Changes

    I know, and I've seen this exact comment for the last two years. I wish they would just give us some kind of information as to whether or not it'll ever happen. @BarryBL any update on this?
  6. apcud7

    Dynamic Weather Changes

    This is a major problem for my league as well. I'm forced to run unranked multiplayer with my family and track everything in Excel by hand, because we can't set our league to dry weather. This is an option in online play, grand prix mode, and time trials. Why not everywhere else??
  7. apcud7

    League Weather Choice Needed

    Agree completely. If they wanted to add a fourth option of wet, that would be fine. It's just the fact that rain changes the game drastically (my group runs no assists) and since there are multiple weather options available in online play, grand prix, and time trials, you would think it would be simple enough to add to online leagues--especially private ones.
  8. apcud7

    League Weather Choice Needed

    @BarryBL I've seen this post in the 2019 forums and I remember you said the devs were looking into it. Is it possible the league weather choice could be added for this year? Thank you for your time.
  9. apcud7

    League Weather Choice Needed

    Codemasters, please add this option. I was able to convince my dad and my uncles to get this game and we have 8 family members in our league. However, I have to track everything by hand in Excel because we are forced to run unranked multiplayer matches so that we can run in the dry. My family members are older, unable to race well in the rain, and don't have time to practice enough to get good, so we can't use the league feature as it's miserable for them. League mode is an incredible feature that would be perfect with this simple fix. Please, please add weather choice into leagues. For me, and many others I've seen on reddit, this is a crucial feature. Thank you.