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  1. I'm running a TMX Pro on xbox and the FFB cuts out about every half hour or so of racing. I have 7 other people in my league who all have this setup and have the same issue, although we all have the latest Thrustmaster files and this never happened once in F1 2018 - F1 2020. Unplugging the wheel and plugging it back in fixes the issue, but only for about a half hour. It was at the point where it would happen in order, player 1 would lose FFB, then a few minutes later player 2, then 3... down the line until we all did within a few races. Then a half hour or so later, we all start losing FFB aga
  2. Any updates on this? Feels so bad to pay extra to play early and I still haven't played the game because all 6 of my friends and I can't talk to each other. Audio popping, screen lag and glitching. Would be nice to know that it's being worked on, at the very least. @BarryBL
  3. Latvalla, F1 officially removed the option to change engine settings half way through last season. The game is just following suit as drivers can no longer go to rich (high) mode. They can't even go to lean (poor) unless they are about to run out of gas or have a durability issue. This isn't a problem with the game, it's just matched to real life now.
  4. I know, and I've seen this exact comment for the last two years. I wish they would just give us some kind of information as to whether or not it'll ever happen. @BarryBL any update on this?
  5. This is a major problem for my league as well. I'm forced to run unranked multiplayer with my family and track everything in Excel by hand, because we can't set our league to dry weather. This is an option in online play, grand prix mode, and time trials. Why not everywhere else??
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