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  1. UPDATE: NO Longer Need This. Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question. By the way I'm new and this is my first post. I wanted to post this on this forum since it is similar to what I want and many of you have experience with steering wheels for PC. I made a steering wheel out of cardboard. I know I could buy a professional made steering wheel, but I wanted to make something and learn a bit during this pandemic. I realized that the controller has motion, which means that if you turn the controller left or right the object you are controlling will move that direction (as an example). I use the controller on my PC for some games, but the motion doesn't work on any of them (only on the PS4). I downloaded a program that allows me to use the controller with the motion. I tested it in some racing game and it does work. Now, my idea was to make a steering wheel, which I did. I posted an image of the project and a blueprint of how it works (using the motion instead of the joystick). So, then I began to have problems. The program that allows the controller to use its motion sometimes doesn't let the PC to recognize the controller (basically it doesn't work sometimes). I did play for a few minutes, it does work, and in the program, you should change some settings to make the steering work perfectly. Then I decided to make the steering wheel work with the joystick instead (since sometimes the motion doesn't work with the program). Here is where i need your help. Based on the picture I provided to you, how could I make it work with the joystick? What sort of things should I do in order to make the joystick move to the left or right when I turn the steering wheel those ways?