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  1. mellowevo8

    Pitcoins. Check your xbox messages!

    Thank you that worked. And pitcoins redeem ok.
  2. mellowevo8

    Pitcoins. Check your xbox messages!

    I got the messages for getting my pitcoins but my Schumacher DLC is now missing. 😞.
  3. mellowevo8

    15000 pitcoins missing

    Also missing pitcoins on 1.02 update. GT Mellow888
  4. Hi, I get the exact same issues using a Thrustmaster TM28 wheel.
  5. mellowevo8

    Patch 1.05 - Messed up wheel controls

    I have the same issue when in team career doing one of the tasks full lock steering left or right it suddenly switches to look left or look right, this is using tvpod view.