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  1. Dawid256

    15000 pitcoins missing

    I updated my game today on Xbox from 1.02 to 1.03 and was hoping that I would receive my pitcoins however I haven’t, I’ve not heard any updates from Codemasters about this topic and there are only a few days left for the podium pass VIP challenges. When are we going to receive the pitcoins?
  2. Dawid256

    15000 pitcoins missing

    It’s almost been a week since the Schumacher edition came out and I still have no pitcoins on Xbox, are there any updates regarding this topic?
  3. Dawid256

    15000 pitcoins missing

    I updated the game today on Xbox and now have the 1.02 Version of the game but don’t have the Pitcoins as well, other than that I am really enjoying the game but would love to get the VIP podium pass ASAP. Xbox gamer tag- Dawid2564881