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  1. Tay

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    They obviously don't even check these forums. Look at the amount of spam threads in this board with zero moderation. No support, no communication. Come on to f*#k Codies. This game was the biggest waste of money for me since Grid 2.
  2. Tay

    Cataluntya AI (My team mode)

    Remember to take your team vs other teams development progression into account.
  3. No, it wasn't a good post. Barry highlighted in bold, part of the post from UnderclassGDfan saying it is untrue. Then he either completely misunderstood or just decided to talk about the pass instead. The item shop does contain cosmetics that are NOT in the podium pass.
  4. You can earn 10,000 total with the VIP pass. 2,500 without. Emotes and cars alone are over 2,000 to buy. There is no way you could unlock 'everything' without paying. I don't really care though, most of the shop items don't appeal to me at all
  5. So I guess you haven't noticed the Item Shop yet 😂
  6. Tay

    My Team R&D Tree (Complete View)

    Oh that's interesting. How many races/seasons of progress is that then? Edit: also, are there regulation changes every season?
  7. Tay

    My Team R&D Tree (Complete View)

    Someone's been grinding 👏
  8. Tay

    How do you buy Pitcoin on PSN in Belgium?

    Oh, that's unfortunate. This is what my Store looks like for reference.
  9. Tay

    How do you buy Pitcoin on PSN in Belgium?

    Just select podium pass in game and navigate to the right, past the shop. How can you be out already though? I'd recommend playing the game and unlocking the items in the pass over buying stuff from the store