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  1. Hi @BarryBL so the thing was that I noticed during season 1 and 2 after I finished a race in both Myteam and Driver career the podium pass screen would appear and show the XP I've earned and right after it shows bonus xp in blue, for season 1 and 2 I used to get bonus XP even when I didn't complete any challenges but after the season 3 update even after I complete a season challenge I don't get the bonus XP points. Incase if I'm not being clear enough I shall try to upload a video here within the next few hours.
  2. Description - Even thought I own the VIP edition of the PodiumPass I am no kinder being awarded bonus points for completing challenges or races. Game version - 1.13 Game mode - All the game modes. How the problem happens - After PodiumPass season 3 started. Troubleshooting - Restarted the game. No change. Peripherals - Controller Screenshot - Bonus points just shows 0
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