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  1. HamzaHimself

    No Bonus PodiumPass points

    Hi @BarryBL so the thing was that I noticed during season 1 and 2 after I finished a race in both Myteam and Driver career the podium pass screen would appear and show the XP I've earned and right after it shows bonus xp in blue, for season 1 and 2 I used to get bonus XP even when I didn't complete any challenges but after the season 3 update even after I complete a season challenge I don't get the bonus XP points. Incase if I'm not being clear enough I shall try to upload a video here within the next few hours.
  2. Description - Even thought I own the VIP edition of the PodiumPass I am no kinder being awarded bonus points for completing challenges or races. Game version - 1.13 Game mode - All the game modes. How the problem happens - After PodiumPass season 3 started. Troubleshooting - Restarted the game. No change. Peripherals - Controller Screenshot - Bonus points just shows 0
  3. @BarryBL It's now been more than 2 weeks since I've been playing the game without my Pitcoins. Any update, even an update saying it's been fixed or looked into is appreciated instead of nothing.
  4. 1. Deluxe edition 2. Digital 3. July 2nd 4. Haven't purchased any.
  5. HamzaHimself

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    HamzaHimself - Xbox one