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  1. Wow paid full price for Digital Deluxe to receive a Alpha test copy. Still unplayble game. Not only the xbox shut down, also is myteam still broken. my savegame is not playable anymore since the sponsor screen is bugged. Have no interest to play it all again refund pleeeease 😞
  2. same here. sadly no real feedback on this. hope they are working on that gamebreaking bug. tried the game again after these complete shutdowns. but only to notice that my myteam save is broken now and I can´t hire new sponsors and my whole team is with 0€ all the time from week to week. that game is big step down from last year. and last year was horrible, too at start. (Pitcoins not received for weeks for example)
  3. I got message during MyTeam Mode after Race 1. My Sponsor is gone and so did my second driver. Can not get new sponsors because the screen is completly bugged. If I try to press A for new sponsor the game crashes. Report Code: CVMC-TVST-AJDS-GGEG Platform: Xbox Series X Game-mode: MyTeam What troubleshooting: Restart Game, Restart Console, change console language to english and back to german, skipped some weeks in MyTeam Mode Any screenshots or video of the issue? Yep, added screenshot of the Sponsor menu How do you make the problem happen? Won my first rac
  4. A detailed description of the issue: Drove 2 Races on my Series X. F2 in Career Mode. During the championship celebration scene the pic freezes, the xbox turned off and was really really hot. Report Code Platform: Xbox Series X Game-mode: Driver Career, F2 Season
  5. Same here. Won the F2 Championship and my Xbox Series X turned off during the celebration scenes. Huge problem here
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