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  1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Jef still doesnt speak german since Patch 1.13 Platform Xbox What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.13 & 1.14 Game-mode? all We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? switch Jeff's language to german, he still talks english How do you make the problem happen? hahaha What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue reinstall, changing language, different consoles. nothing worked
  2. Same for me. Since i changed from Xbone to Series X, the AI seems to be incredibly strong. Me and Tatiana are driving by far the best cars and still i lose 1-2 seconds at Hungaroring even to Kevin Magnussen, who is 22th. First 15 laps it rained and i had 10 seconds gap to Tatiana who is on second place. Then i changed to Soft Tires, while most of the other drivers changed to hard tires. From lap 20 ongoing i am losing time with my soft tires. I Just passed Latifi and Magnussen and now they passed me and are driving away. And meanwhile the fuel AI set the fuel to max. now i have fuel für - 4 rounds and still i am 1-2 seconds slower than the slowest cars and Tatiana. Lewis & Max are trying to steal my place 1. *** is wrong with the AI? Had the same problem while training and qualifying. With AI 60 you cant pass the fuel training and even with AI 0 you wont get pole position. Besides that...the audio and km/h and miles/hour bugs are still there.
  3. Same problem for me on Xbox Series X. Audio while racing is english despite showing german in the options. Also the ingame wheel shows mp/h but in the options and in the interface it is km/h.
  4. Hi, after i received the huge update to 1.13 (9GB?) my game on Xbox series X got some new bugs: 1. Audio Race Language is english. Although in the Options it still shows german language, Jeff now talks english to me! 2. km/h is now mp/h. in the UI it still is km/h and in the options it is km/h but the wheel of the car shows mp/h. if i change it to mp/h, the wheel in the car shows km/h. Thanks for 9gb full of new bugs and with no improvements.
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    Never saw a SC in this game...no matter what happens, there is only VSC.
  6. So, i managed to end season 3 at MyTeam. Won Driver and constructor championship, while AI and difficulty slowly increasing as my car gets better, got Tatiana Calderon as team mate and i hope she will be in F1 2021, too, even if she isnt a F2 Driver this year. But at the beginning of Season 4 i wonder what to do. Season 3 had no changes in R&D, so ich could spend all points in developing new stuff instead of saving the points for adjusting parts which were affected by rule changes. So now my R&D is unemployed, alkl is researched and all builduings are upgraded. Tatiana and my driver are battling about getting Place 1 or 2 in every race. So whats left for me? 7 seasons of boredom in my all woman team? To be honest...MyTeam lacks long time motivation...so i looked about how this game mode could be better: 1. Give me an all woman team. I want a Carla and no Carl. Go away Jeff, give me a woman. And...stop calling Tatiana "he" when talking about team mates performance in race. And yes, even if Tatiana Calderon isnt driving F2 in 2020, let her be in F1 2021. I want my woman F1 team 😉 2. Why cant i decide which strategy and enginge party my team mat has to use? I am the head of the team and Tatiana keeps being DNF because her enginge collapsed. 3. Why is my R&D finished after 3 seasons? Why should i continue to drive for another 7 seasons? Why should i do training sessions now? 4. Why cant i give my teammates any race orders? 5. Why cant i design my F1 car? I mean, we have many ugly painbtings but the design of the car is the same. 6. Why is the AI of my team mate so bad that Tatiana is only able to perform well when the car is above all other cars? Seriously, mid season 2 my car performance was second to Mercedes, but Tatiana struggled to get into Q2 in qualifying. Only at Season 3 Tatiana was driving with me at position 1 and 2. That was annoying in past games and is still annoying. The team mate is only able to perform well if the car is superior.
  7. Thanks, this worked for me. Still no PitCoins and my team looks ugly but at least i can continue my race to world domination 😛
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    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

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