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  1. Thanks. This has basically fixed my game as I always play with the MFD on and only mess around with it on straights. Been so frustrating not been able to play. Everyone who is having this issue, do the exact same thing this guy has said and it will fix the game.
  2. I have followed those instructions. Everything works perfectly fine on the controller. However, the camera issues still remain on the wheel.
  3. The issue still occurs using default control schemes.
  4. SCOTTZ2805

    Patch 1.05 - Messed up wheel controls

    x1. Since I updated the game to 1.05 on Xbox, every time I steer left and right on my wheel (Logitech G920) the camera will turn the same direction. This makes the game unplayable, especially when turning into hairpins or slow speed corners. Also, every time I brake, the camera looks backwards. After checking the control settings, the buttons are unbinded. Please fix this game breaking bug. Plus, this is not an issue on another account on my Xbox and works normal. Very frustrating. 2. Xbox 3. 1.05 4. All gamemodes 5. 4 6. Multiple restarts and unplugged steering wheel multiple times. 7. Logitech G920 8. None