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  1. I can't access to the difficulty calculator. It says the the access has been denied and i need to ask the owner (you) permission to access it
  2. Hi, I have 2 accounts, mine which is "WimpyNick" and my dad's which is "vukilau." The meassage that Codies sent me to redeem the 15 000 preorder pitcoins was under the name of vukilau. Therefore, vukilau gets 30 000 pitcoins instead of 15 000 and i (WimpyNick) don't get anything. Is there a way to transfer these pitcoins from vukilau to WimpyNick??? at least 15 000.
  3. I was streaming on Twitch, where the game crashed with 3 laps to go, in a 50% race on My Team, not just on camera, but off camera. Out of the first 22 races of My Team. More than 10 of them are the races in which the game crashed at the 2nd half of the races. If you expect me to redo the whole races over and over again, Codies, you completely OVERESTIMATED my patience!!!!
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