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  1. Lucho

    PRL [PC] S3 | €85 Prizemoney

  2. Lucho

    [PC] F1 2020 PRL | TIER 1/ TIER 2 Recruitment

    Nearly 200 members !
  3. Lucho

    PRL [PC] S3 | €85 Prizemoney

  4. Lucho

    [PC] F1 2020 PRL | TIER 1/ TIER 2 Recruitment

    Tier 2 races on Fridays at 8pm CET.
  5. Lucho

    PRL [PC] S3 | €85 Prizemoney

    Very true! We are currently developing our own telemetry aswell !
  6. Lucho

    PRL [PC] S3 | €85 Prizemoney

    prizemoney 👀
  7. Lucho

    PRL [PC] S3 | €85 Prizemoney

  8. Lucho

    PRL [PC] F1 2020 Competitive Racing League

  9. Lucho

    PRL [PC] S3 | €85 Prizemoney

  10. Hello Guys, PRL is a fast growing racing league. We are currently in season 2 and we just started tier 2! We are currently searching for competitive drivers. We have a really compact & competitive grid, with veterans and fair stewards. For reference a 1.23.8-1.24.2 at Silverstone is capable for some drivers. Our tier 1 is on Sundays at 8PM CET and tier 2 on Fridays at 8PM CET. If you really have the pace, then we can fix you a spot in tier 1. There are a few spots left in tier 2! Our community is also very active with great guys. Guys around the world, from North/South America to Europe to Asia. We handle each other with respect no matter which country/area you are from. We also have a tier 1 & 2 commentator both very experienced and good! So every race will be broadcasted on race days! Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/platinumracingleaguef1 Here is an amazing battle in just a social race! https://clips.twitch.tv/SuccessfulDependableFoxPipeHype Discord: https://discord.gg/WKJwNKSqMS Signing up: https://forms.gle/shN97EQgTYyswE5T7 Thank you for reading this much, see you on the grid