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  1. taikun22

    New helmet models

    Like the models it would be more realistic for the game and F1 and the teams. 😄
  2. taikun22

    New helmet models

    I understand, but it would enrich the game and give so many companies a high level of advertising. Let's add that it is also F1. Company details will become more popular. So it would be nice if you give it a try. 🙂
  3. taikun22

    Schumacher helmets for your driver

    This helmet from 2019 senna would be the best solution for me :D
  4. taikun22

    New helmet models

    You're right:D
  5. taikun22

    New helmet models

    It would be a great flavor that would also attract a lot of attention. And I hope the creators will listen to us and do their best to add them.
  6. taikun22

    New helmet models

    Hello, I am writing because I have helmet suggestions to add new helmet models such as Stilo, Bell, Schuberth to the career so that everyone can choose their style. Not immediately, but one for each update as those old arai are already bored.
  7. taikun22

    Error in the schumacher helmet

    That is why I would like this sleepy helmet model to come back because it has this old charm and is simply wonderful. And I will be proud how the creators will restore this style.
  8. Chciałbym zgłosić problem z kaskiem Schumacher. Tylne skrzydło jest białe, a daszek nie pasuje. Czy możesz to zmienić, aby ten model kasku wyglądał jak Senna F1 2019?
  9. taikun22

    Error in the schumacher helmet

    Oczywiście chciałbym, aby wyglądało to na senny 2019 bez tego skrzydła.
  10. taikun22

    Error in the schumacher helmet

    Hello, I am writing about this wing on a helmet with DLC, this wing can be removed. Do it like in f1 2019 Senny?
  11. taikun22

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    Pstrykos12 PC STEAM