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  1. I understand your point I can see that being the case from the business standpoint but and I’m not an expert on numbers but if they are giving people who preordered a bonus of the premium currency to buy the vip portion of the pass wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the MTX’s? bc if you are getting the bonus for preordering and each pass has enough premium currency to buy the next one there will be some people who will have not spent a dime on mtx unless they chose to buy what was in the daily item shop of course that is an option to buy items that are separate from the pass.
  2. Yes for the cosmetic items is what I meant I know the game as a whole must take some large amount of capital to make my thing is why make a paid pass system in the first place I can see why in a free to play title like fortnite or COD warfare from what I have seen from the cosmetics added to F1 2020 are not much to write home about. I am new as well I started playing this series of games in 2018 and yes the features from last years game to this one was quite a leap I am very happy with the game as a whole. I just don’t understand why they needed to add the podium pass whether free or paid there are other progression systems that they could have implemented so those who do want that level of customization could have it. Personally of course I will use whatever customization option is free I am not going to lay down extra cash on a game that I already paid for but again that is just me. As for codies foxing they issues I think they are doing a fair job it’s not like they are EA or anything I’m sure they are trying to get all the issues fixed not just with the preorder bonus but with bugs and glitches in the game. at this point I’m just rambling on the hame is quite enjoyable I have been powering through my team and the regular career mode plan on trying multiplayer at some point maybe after I finish a my team season
  3. Usually in free to play games I would expect cosmetic items behind a paywall that’s normal but when fully priced games do it irregardless of the cost of development it’s rather annoying especially when your told that if you preordered the game that you will have enough pitcoins to unlock the VIP pass and yet hundreds of people still haven’t received the pre order bonus of premium currency across multiple platforms and I haven’t seen any communication from codies since Thursday