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  1. goonerjon777

    Grid Autosport 2?

    I would be still playing Grid 1 if CM hadn't downed the servers.  Grid Autosport is a brilliant game though and there are plenty of players touring on ps3. BTW Grid 2 was pony.
  2. goonerjon777


    What is the point? What is the technical point? It sometimes helps me to turn into a corner easier but why?
  3. goonerjon777


    When should i be looking to replace  a vehicle with a new one? Will I ever need to? As I understand it the cars don't suffer performance wise as they acquire mileage, but do accumulate higher repair costs. So as long as i don't mind the repair costs is there any real need to replace an older car with a brand spanking new one?
  4. goonerjon777

    Question for Loore

    Now i'm no troll and I love Grid AS now that the main problems have been overcome but Why do the upgrades have little to no effect on the (touring) cars? I'm on level 60 and i get good times but theres one guy on MP who constantly has the fastest times by some margin, i ask what his secret is, and he says its cos he turns off all of the upgrades! Tuning is great, but with upgrades, whats the point?
  5. goonerjon777


    Thats brilliant , thanks RT
  6. goonerjon777

    An Idea On How To Race Better and Easier

    Sounds like the racing line to me.... When noobs to Grid get over the novelty of first corner meltdown they soon realise this is the only way and proper way to drive. (and safest)
  7. goonerjon777


    Another question i'd like to share opinions on:- Is it best to keep rear and front suspension settings the same as each other whatever you tweak them to?
  8. goonerjon777

    Classic Touring Racenet challenge Indianapolis PS3

    does downforce actually change anything at all? like you said, could be placebo, but I tried on Ovals and it feels like I have more grip but not sure tbh. if it doesn't change much on ovals, I don't think it would help much on normal tracks either... Down force was noticeable for me yesterday when i played as the resident saddo tweaking every setting to get my best time for the challenge which took all afternoon, but i agree with most that down force is not as  noticeable as it should be. The one i have most trouble with is diff? Can someone please explain this to me? Whats the point? 
  9. goonerjon777

    @ Loore Why Is Touring Cars Discipline Capped At Level 99??

    i agree, its just a number, might as well leave it running to infinity (and beyond) :-) Is there actually any benefit for hitting a ceiling number of 99?
  10. goonerjon777

    Classic Touring Racenet challenge Indianapolis PS3

    Hey CH ive been following your ghost all afternoon can't get anywhere near you, tried millions of setups
  11. Classic Touring Racenet challenge Indianapolis PS3 Cmon folks Don't be shy, share your setups?
  12. goonerjon777

    PS3 Miglia Racenet Challenge

    Autopsort Raceway - Club Circuit Can we please share setups... i can't for the life of me get in the 56's ATM running with  -30 +20 -100 -10 0 0
  13. goonerjon777

    Touring legend pack content ! Availiable 16/09/2014

    i asked the same question mate, so far no response
  14. goonerjon777

    PS3 League, anyone interested?

    Didnt you beat me one time? ^^ Its not like Im the best in GAS especially when it comes to Time Trials but online I give everytime my best. Its funny when I make mistakes coz Im pushing hard. Sometimes I laugh about myself for stupid mistakes :D LOL good luck with your league if Svenos is in it..... Best racer i've seen on PS3
  15. goonerjon777

    Touring legend pack content ! Availiable 16/09/2014

    think i might have to get this, is download content usable in the quick touring car race select or is it just usable in custom races?