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  1. I have the issue with Honda in My Team, and also having the issue in career mode with multiple teams.
  2. @BarryBL Thank you for continuing on looking into this game-breaking issue. I will gladly give all my game saves for you guys to look into, I just need to know how and where to send it.
  3. Glad to see that I'm not going crazy. My gearbox goes down by 5% per lap even with durability upgrades on the gearbox. I tried a new my team save and new career mode save. No matter what it's going down by so much. I am using a Honda engine in my team, tried manual and automatic. I also tried different teams in career mode, but the same issues. I have tried both 25% and 50% race distance and the gearbox loses 5% per lap.
  4. I was hoping the gearbox durability would be fixed, but it seems like my game still has the durability issues with the gearbox. I've been looking at more closely and it seems like, at every braking point, I lose 0.5%-1% durability each. In Bahrain, I lose 5% per lap with most of the damage coming from the braking points at the end of each straight. I wish I could enjoy the game, but what's the point when I'm gonna DNF every single time. I have tried both manual and automatic and I tried braking more gently but the durability goes down so quickly. I can make a bug report if needed.
  5. Thank you! Glad you guys figured it out, can't wait to play again.
  6. Even driving conservatively in manual or auto, will cause 3% of wear to my gearbox per lap, so I don't think that is the cause of the wear.
  7. Yup, both on full 22-race seasons.
  8. I am also getting this issue with gearbox durability. I tried auto and manual and the gearbox loses 3-5% durability per lap which is insane when I am playing on 50% races. I have tried multiple myteam saves, one with 0 gearbox durability upgrades and one with 1 upgrade. In one save, I got to 99% durability from just the 50% Australian race. the first save, I used a flashback, but the durability issues occurred before any flashbacks. On my second save it is on 25% race with the same gearbox durability issues.
  9. HyperSwiftX

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    I finally got the DLC in game, but it looks like Steam is glitched since it says the the Schumacher edition (prepurchase) is downloading. Even if it says the DLC is downloading, try running the game. I do still have the issue of missing the pitcoins from the Schumacher Edition.
  10. HyperSwiftX

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    HyperSwift https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198194938353/ Steam
  11. HyperSwiftX

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    HyperSwift https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198194938353/ Steam