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  1. Haifisch7734

    Unable to join race in weekly event

    Tried 4 times today, 4 times failed. And again, wait another hour for next try, only to fail again and loose time. It's frustrating, especially when we need weekly event races for the challenges. And since it fails all the time and we have limited amount of tries, it can be difficult to do all challenges and win this livery.
  2. 1. When trying to join weekly race, after about minute there is error (Error Code NM14, but I think I had different error codes). It's 2nd time today, 4th time overall 2. PC 3. 1.0.3 4. Multiplayer - weekly event 5. 5 times tried, 4 times failed to join 6. N/A 7. Thrustmaster T300 RS GT, but it's not related 8.
  3. About 8. Totally agree. One thing is you have to wait for the race start (without any obvious reason). Second thing, last week I managed to join session after 3 tries. This week, first try, of course error and I need to wait entire hour for the next race, that will probably fail again.
  4. Haifisch7734

    Weekly event...ability to rejoin connection error

    Out of 4 tries, I managed to join only once.
  5. I think you can change primary sponsor and engine supplier between seasons, you probably need to go to customization/basic info while between seasons and you normally can change those. I didn't try to do it, but for sure I was in that menu, as I changed my second driver there.
  6. Haifisch7734

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    Haifisch7734 Steam