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  1. Haifisch7734

    Better color management for sponsors

    Also second thing, it would be nice to choose "material" of the car part, it's matt, metalic, shiny and so on. Because I think that is the reason why those 3 example of blue color, even if set to the same exactly color, they don't have same color visually. Even I'd say, that none of those have the color I intended to use. I chose HSL 155, 240, 75. Sponsor is obviously brighter, even if I set a little bit darker, since I wasn't able to slide to 75 value, I set 74, so it was HSL 155, 240, 74. Then, those thin lines have different shade, and the thick line has different shade than both previous.
  2. Haifisch7734

    Better color management for sponsors

    There is serious problem with choosing liveries and sponsors colors. For one sponsor position I can choose only one color, even if it's placed on 3 places on the car. Liveries usually totally don't match the sponsors and it's the mess. And if they match regarding the patterns, there are problems with colors. Example below: I chose Xenon sponsor and Zig Zag livery. Primary sponsor goes to front wing, rear wing, and main body. Front wing uses secondary color, main body and rear wing primary color. How am I supposed to choose proper color in that situation? I choose blue color, I don't see sponsor on front wing, I choose white color, I don't see sponsor on rear wing and main body. Similar problem is with suits, gloves and helmets (especially helmets). I really like the idea of choosing sponsors, I really like, that now on suits and helmets sponsors are also placed, but placement needs a lot of rework. Liveries, suits and helmets are really looking like they were designed totally without thinking about sponsors, a lot of overlapping, unreadable sponsors, putting sponsors on some funky patterns full of colors, where it's impossible to choose proper color. Also using same sponsor color from livery to suit, gloves and helmet, so if I have bright livery and dark helmet, again, it's impossible to choose something nice looking.
  3. Today I tested in different way: -created new My Team save, used default settings. To decrease time between attempts, I just started to skip all Practice and Qualifying session and simulate Race. Then I tried multiple things: set activities manually, set activities automatically, tried no activities set. No success, still 0/3 in "Multiple 100% Time Fulfilled". Then tried to switch game to my national language, verified integrity of the files, killed some apps going in background, started game directly using Steam client instead of GOG Galaxy 2.0. And no success. Still 0/3. I tested it at different times of the day (now 3 am CEST), every time proper internet connection, properly connected to game services. And nothing.
  4. That's very good question. We only have few days (I have even less because of my availability) and I can't complete "Multiple 100% Time Fulfilled" challenge not because I do something wrong or I'm not good enough, but game is bugged and doesn't allow me to complete this, even if I "did" it about 6 times. And for me, this is the only challenge I didn't complete, I have 63/64 done.
  5. I'm joining in complaining 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Completed 7 out of 8 challenges from week 8. Unable to complete this challenge: 2. Platform Steam 3. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.08 4. Game-mode? My Team 5. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. About 7-10 full activities between weekends. Each time added activities, run to the end of free time, run race week (skip practice, one shot qualifying, 5 lap race), check status - no change 6. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue Trying to run Practice 1 instead of skipping - no result 7. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) Thrustmaster T300 RS GT + Ferrari F1 Wheel 8. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. Screenshots of filling 100% of free time:
  6. Haifisch7734

    Patch 1.08

    I also noticed that Kvyat (Renault) in my My Team suddenly got very quick after patch and he's regularly beating both Mercedes cars (Hamilton and Verstappen). It wasn't that before the patch.
  7. Haifisch7734

    RGB color picker.

    At least it would be nice to have HSL values shown, so I can move slider according to value, not some cursor position (like move above letter "e", so team has similar color to livery)
  8. Yhis week in F3 Saturday race, under Safety Car, all drivers finished race in pit-lane, since start-finish straight was blocked. But maybe under SC it is allowed.
  9. I tested it in last 2 weeks, when on last lap just for fun I tried to finish race in pit lane and I could without any problems
  10. Haifisch7734

    Unable to join race in weekly event

    Tried 4 times today, 4 times failed. And again, wait another hour for next try, only to fail again and loose time. It's frustrating, especially when we need weekly event races for the challenges. And since it fails all the time and we have limited amount of tries, it can be difficult to do all challenges and win this livery.
  11. 1. When trying to join weekly race, after about minute there is error (Error Code NM14, but I think I had different error codes). It's 2nd time today, 4th time overall 2. PC 3. 1.0.3 4. Multiplayer - weekly event 5. 5 times tried, 4 times failed to join 6. N/A 7. Thrustmaster T300 RS GT, but it's not related 8.
  12. Haifisch7734

    Wishlist for F1 2021 and beyond

    About 8. Totally agree. One thing is you have to wait for the race start (without any obvious reason). Second thing, last week I managed to join session after 3 tries. This week, first try, of course error and I need to wait entire hour for the next race, that will probably fail again.
  13. Haifisch7734

    Weekly event...ability to rejoin connection error

    Out of 4 tries, I managed to join only once.
  14. Haifisch7734

    Wishlist for F1 2021 and beyond

    I think you can change primary sponsor and engine supplier between seasons, you probably need to go to customization/basic info while between seasons and you normally can change those. I didn't try to do it, but for sure I was in that menu, as I changed my second driver there.
  15. Haifisch7734

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    Haifisch7734 Steam