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  1. Our first race will be at Bahrain this Saturday! We will have a full grid and fun experience, come join the community!
  2. https://discord.gg/8QSmTxt2Zb F1 & F2 races on Saturdays 9PM CET All races will be streamed on Twitch! In this league, we want to make it extra unique so we have incorporated our own system. Every F1 and F2 team has 2 drivers and 1 team principal. When a season ends, the team principals get the prize money depending on where they ended in Constructor's. The team principal can spend this money on getting new drivers or renewing contracts for their current drivers. In the drivers market, every interested driver can make a post regarding their wished contract money etc. At the
  3. https://discord.gg/W2nes7RQ this is a new league that fits your criteria!
  4. I have no idea where this came from and I had done nothing for this to happen.
  5. Randomly received a ban today while logging on for the first time in a few hours. I have no idea what happened and need some sort of clarification on this issue. Is this a game bug or did I actually do something that I am unaware of. I have never cheated in any F1 Game I have played and this makes no sense to me. Any clarification or help would be appreciated. Happened when I logged on at around 5 PM EST. GXXM-GPPB-TGBD-VTMG PC All Online modes No players in session. I was just logging in. No players in session. I was just logging in. I've tried logging on at dif
  6. I have a league race tomorrow. Should I be good by then? When did this happen to you?
  7. I genuinely have no idea on how this could have happened and have received zero clarification over it. I've never cheated in any of the 9 F1 games I have played and I'm wondering if this was a potential glitch from the game or get some knowledge on this situation on how this could be resolved.
  8. Can you turn them off in Single Player career? How can you?
  9. Yesterday both my friend and I hosted each hosted open lobbies that had many dirty drivers and we were only able to kick one player between each race. The lobby ended up having more dirty drivers as time went on and the lobby became unraceable in. Why can you only kick one player between each race now when in the past it was unlimited?
  10. almost 500 hours on f12020 wow

  11. excited for the beta i wanna drive around imola soon 🙂

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