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  1. We Still have space for 3 full time drivers and many reserves Any Commentators are free to join too
  2. Join this brand new league 50% Race Distance Short Quali 10 Race Season New Super License penalty system message either iHassellU or Allsoppy937 for details
  3. iHassellU

    Drivers on Saturdays at 7&8pm needed PS4

    I can do both if you still need a driver PSN iHassellU
  4. iHassellU


    Ignore Me I’ve just seen and applied
  5. iHassellU

    Formula Masters Series (PS4)

    What Days do you race on I’m full on a Friday and Sunday
  6. iHassellU

    Custom Engine Sounds

    That’s a shame considering the multiplayer car is the one you use in My Team
  7. iHassellU

    Custom Engine Sounds

    So on the My Team mode you can choose a power unit supplier which will change stats and ultimately the actual sound of the car, But unfortunately this is not the case in Ranked/Multiplayer Car is this something that can be done or is there licensing issues ?