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  1. Being able to filter races by their progress whether they are in lobby, during practice/qualifying and during the race would be helpful to find lobbies which need players faster. We have region filters so why not a session progress filter?
  2. Unless I'm missing something on the league creator, it doesn't seem like it's possible to create an online league with F2 and Classic cars, only with Multiplayer Cars and F1 2020 cars. From my point of view, I don't see a reason why we shouldn't be able to create online leagues with F2 and Classic cars? Me and my friends wanted a quick way to create a classic car league without having to keep track of points on a Excel spreadsheet and play races on unranked private lobbies. If this is possible to be added to the game then I and probably many others would be very grateful Codemasters.
  3. On F1 2019 (top screenshot) it showed your top % leaderboard ranking on a time trial track's leaderboard but this is absent in F1 2020 (bottom screenshot), it may be a small change but I liked using it to compare my lap times to others. Please consider adding it back if possible.
  4. The last F1 game to have Steam trading cards, emoticons and profile backgrounds was F1 2016 so I ask for F1 2020 to be given trading card support. I use a profile background from F1 2014 and it would be nice to give my profile an update. Thanks
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