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  1. Simplyair

    Contest Of Speed Recruitment all regions (PS4)

    Yeah don't join this league!!
  2. Simplyair

    Attendance raiting?

    Hello! I was wondering if someone can help me with this. I recently joined a few leagues to finish the mission but was left with AI. I decided to retire from the league and it took one grade off my attendance rating? I had to do 3 so I left all 3 and now my rating is a D. I was wondering how I can get it back up and also wondering how it works? Does it deduct one just for leaving a league?
  3. Simplyair

    Time Trials acting up (PS4)

    Hey! I know this is a long shot and I found your post about fixing your attendance rating. I am very confused right now, can you guide me threw what to do? So I create 4 leagues then I set japan short as first with the other 4 my choice and then what? Also does this work on F1 2020? Because I lost all my safety rating joining leagues with AI and when I leave a get a -1 on my license. Just want to fix it. Please be detailed as possible if you can? Also can you tell me how you lose the rating? I lost it through leaving the actual leagues.
  4. Simplyair

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    Simplyair Steam/PC Steam actual username is lolfull31