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  1. Oké so when you are in headquarters you set everything up and do what you do. Then you press continue. The game then forewords in time right to the race weekend. Then you get your selection for the tires. You then have to press continue again. Then you press the options key. Before you enter the 'weekend screen' . In the option screen you can select 'game structure' and there you can change the length of the race and the training sessions. Once you entered the 'weekend screen' you're to late.
  2. I check tomorrow. I've done it so it's possible.
  3. No after the race before entering your team building. You can change the length of the next race. After that it's not possible any more.
  4. I tried this pressed options before first practice. And then I'm not able to change that setting. So at what time then? Just after the race maybe?
  5. Could you explain how in English please.
  6. In my team I set the race length to 25% can I change this during a season to 50% for some races?
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