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  1. I have experienced this also. Drivers in midfield teams who aren't safe yet, don't do a second attempt. When the top three teams won't make another run, I can understand but all the other drivers can't afford this luxury. Therefore I do think it's some kind of bug.
  2. I really don't get these guys that take someone out on purpose. I mean, why would you spend 60 euro's for a racing game and not race? What's the fun in that? Wheel-to-wheel racing in a clean way is what I love but unfortunately this doesn't happen often.
  3. GenerationRL22

    Driver Number.

    22 is the number I've chosen, mostly because of the double figures - which looks cooler on the car imo - and because of the symmetry, I guess.
  4. GenerationRL22

    Helmet in "normal" career mode

    Exactly. The small details are always the most important.
  5. GenerationRL22

    Helmet in "normal" career mode

    I understand what you are saying, but I am all for (the illusion of) realism. With my plain and boring helmet I feel like a member of the pitcrew, while I actually wanna feel like the bigshot driver I am. MyTeam gives me this feeling, so for me it's a easy choice. 😜
  6. GenerationRL22

    Helmet in "normal" career mode

    I already mentioned it sounded kind of silly, but yes. It feels like a step back from the realism in MyTeam and that's a bummer.
  7. GenerationRL22

    Helmet in "normal" career mode

    You are most likely right, but it is dissapointing. Everyone around you has the most beautifull helmets and there you are, driving in a great looking car with a not so great looking helmet. For me this is a reason not to play career mode, although that sounds kind of silly perhaps. It would be cool if you could get the teamsponsors from the team you are driving for on your own designed helmet.
  8. GenerationRL22

    Helmet in "normal" career mode

    Yeah, they made a huge step in the customisation area (although there can be done more off course) which I am really pleased with, but this feels old fashioned while I play the same game. It shouldn't be that hard to implementate, I guess?
  9. GenerationRL22

    Helmet in "normal" career mode

    I noticed my helmet in the normal career mode is stripped from all my customized sponsors, which makes my helmet as boring as in F1 2019. Is this how it's supposed to be and if so, wouldn't it be better looking if you can use your multiplayer helmet in the normal career mode? I mean, now when I watch a flashback or replay my boring helmet is a real pain in the *ss to watch.
  10. GenerationRL22

    Podiumpass and XP

    True, true, but I am greedy and I want more😜
  11. GenerationRL22

    Podiumpass and XP

    That is a good point. They have to make it doable for every player, so they can't make it that hard to progress in tiers. Perhaps they can figure out some kind of compromise? I totally agree with your statement about the variety. Just like you I haven't had the urge to invest my pitcoins in something just yet. To me most items look the same as the ones you get for free. I really want some exclusives.
  12. GenerationRL22

    Podiumpass and XP

    Well, I actually like the challenges, but mostly because of the rewards they get you. Sometimes I see a helmet or livery that I really like and that makes me wanna do challenges more. It is a fun extra in this game imo. Now I still have some challenges remaining, but there is nothing to play for. It does say 40 somewhat days before the tier levels get renewed (I think), so that is hopefull. But they do have to change it to keep it interesting for us players. Your suggestion would be a good addition!
  13. GenerationRL22

    Podiumpass and XP

    I have reached level 30 in the podiumpass area (a lot of hard and dedicated work), but now when I complete a challenge or finish a (multiplayer) race the XP that I would normally receive just vanishes into thin air because I completed all levels. So, is their some kind of storage inside the game where my XP will be saved until there are new levels or is it useless to complete new challenges for now?
  14. GenerationRL22

    Loading times Playstation

    I am experiencing the same thing on my xbox one S. When I am playing MyTeam it takes ages to load before a GP (black screen, no indicator). F1 2019 did not have this problem.
  15. GenerationRL22

    Least Favourite Track

    That's actually a really good suggestion. If the calendar was turned around, I probably would have "mastered" these tracks and would have disliked tracks like Baku and Monza for example. I will give it a try, thank you!