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  1. I wont pre order a game from this company in 2022 .... 70 bucks to the trash can.... This Developer dissapointed me for the last time
  2. Because shadows are not casted on those conditions, like in real world.... the issue is direactional dinamic shadow movement...i think
  3. True, but halo shadow was horrific (also de drs hook on the rear wing, They fixed that, but broken the rest of the shadow all together
  4. there is (or was) a Huge technical debt, take in count ferrari steering wheel just got fixed. It will be fixed... when ? I dont have the slightlest clue
  5. Absolutely, and this is the very same issue, the fact is that on the distance what you see flickering are the shadows... you are not alone my good sir
  6. Just came here to say. 1 thanks for Portmao 2 this is still happening thanks
  7. Glad to see this is been worked on.... The Halo is working ok now.... but the issue is now all over the car, strange
  8. OK HALO is fixed.... rear wing now is a mess... but I guess we have progress @BarryBL, the underliying issue is the same,.... now the rear is the problem (Yes it wasnt ok before, but now is a pixelated mess) the front is ok now. Need another tread?
  9. In performance mode, resolution goes to 1440p, as of that, cutscenes (that are 100% realtime with fixed 2160p) that stuttered on quality mode, works flaweslly on performance mode.... this must not be taken as fix, this is ps5 we are talking on a game using an 8 years old engine, with some updates, and is luducrius that cutscenes performs and looks the way it looks... F1 2021 is by no means a next gen game.... it does looks better than its predecesors, because of res and texture quality, but thats it. (I am just not angry, because I understand we are under a global pandemic, and I taken f
  10. Any news on the this matter @BarryBL This bug is simply not acceptable thanks
  11. this of course in performance does not happen, and you keep raytracing
  12. I have posted the same thing, guys... thanks so much for attending this
  13. Also check the Hal center pilar shadows the render is a mess, you can see the triangles of the model... and yet however on the sidepods of the car seems fine...
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