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  1. Version 1.14 Platform ps5 Modes (f2 2020) gop mode Description: Basically some guardrails are randomly appearing and disappearing constantly during the race and cutscenes Is this going to be patched ? Thanks
  2. Maxsirman83

    Will F1 2020 look better on PS5?

    I am going to take a guess here.. there will be and updated version paid for 10 bucks or so, just to take it to dirty level more or less... They just need to uncap de frame rate (witch is the case on cutscenes)... I am convinced the issue on textures are platform limits related ... So they just let the game eats more .... On the other possibility they ll just allow freely to feed.from smart delivery and ps4 boost mode ... F1 2020 can't stay like this since it will live for 6 months on next gen. Here is an idea, real f1 2021 will be a bridge from 2020 and next gen cars (real life ). If I were CM I would just update slightly f1 2020 and add 2021 (is a perfectly fine and beautiful game like it is ) it's just stopped by current gen consoles (even xbox x) Good bye jaguar cores and mechanical disk, specially on sony s side , they made magic to extract that much power (tsushima for example)
  3. I know Codemasters and this kind of silence ... And is not encouraging @BarryBL.... Maybe ps5 and xboxsx can have a patch on this ?
  4. @BarryBLis any progress on 1.09 regarding this issue ?. One thing I discovered is that this is track dependant
  5. @BarryBL my good sir, do you know if this issue will be addressed on the next sport patch? Thanks , if not PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON THIS ISSUE
  6. @BarryBL you don't have an idea how much I appreciate your personal follow up on this for me... Please keep me updated if not much trouble ... I am waiting for this fix to start my career
  7. @BarryBL do you know if this has been addressed for an upcoming patch? I would say this is quite urgent I don't see any improvements for .08 on notes
  8. That would be great, I find this game otherwise a masterpiece note: clouds ( on clouded weather gets stuck as well on intros and look extremely low res)
  9. Barry didn't fully understand this, you meant that the whole thing is been investigated?
  10. I am well aware this cannot be the only tread on this subject.... on the case of the pitcrew is only related to the eleven (fantasy team) So to summarize 1. low res texture on the cars and pit crews in the intro (is not a pop up issue. the textures do not load properly and are stuck in very veryyyy low ress) 2. Pit crew in race suffers from the same issue... and only my team pit crew when you pit 3. Avatars from drivers just do not load in time on the race monitor, nor in the starting grid line up. ( again all is very low ress intermittently) 4.This happens in Ps4, Ps4 pro and xbox ones, I dont know if this happens in Xbox One x 5 This is a recurring issue since 2017 (but never has been this intense on the sequences) strangely enough, in race it barely happens and is only noticeable when you pit and only on my team Why is just so hard to be answered???? it just very annoying, just where are the moderators?
  11. Btw thisnis still happening and the pitcrew is having this is issue as well I ll ask again... Is this going to be fixed ???
  12. Maxsirman83

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I dont think RP is third.... i think that they are drawed with Mclaren.... Mclaren has more racing pace.... and better drivers for sure.
  13. One final pice of adding to this issue is the Clouded sky (is very much horrible on cutscenes, and then in race is fine) I hope this will be no trade off with tearing
  14. This also happened on f1 2019, but so much less than this