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  1. NicCarBel

    Audio issue - no co driver

    Found the setting! Seems like CM co-drivers run on their own audio channel, and I had to change the audio output for the XBOX itself to uncompressed stereo. Worked it out when the wife and I wanted to watch Disney+ and the characters weren't speaking either
  2. NicCarBel

    Audio issue - no co driver

    Yeah, I gave that a try, but stil nothing. Same isssue on Dirt 4 as well, and they are only fresh installs EDIT: I just plugged standard earpod headphones into my controller, and the co-driver audio comes through that. Still just the ambiant engine and road sounds through the TV, no matter if I set the System EQ in game to Headphones,TV or Flat
  3. Hi, playing on Xbox Series X, and getting no co-driver audio on all Dirt games. Not sure if I have weird settings, but have tried all variables I can find with no results. Other rally games (and all other games in general) have no issues, so i'm sure its thegame or its settings
  4. NicCarBel

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    Yep, and the only reason Albon didn't get a penalty this year, is because the track limits for Silverstone were changed this year to include kerbing as part of the track. The game doesn't reflect this, but before this year, it would have been going outside track limits
  5. NicCarBel

    Verify DOB for adult sponsors

    Yes, the licensing issues would be the general reason why this wouldn't be implemented. I was talking about adding sponsors for adult products in the game. Really, licensing something like Heineken trackside isn't an issue, as it is an official F1 partner. Non F1-partners, well that's another can of worms. Total War Three Kingdoms is classified MA in Australia for Strong battle violence, blood and gore, online interactivity, so the game is classified for those additions already. I'm talking about examples such as We Happy Few, which was initially classified MA15+, then re-classified to R18+ upon release (after being banned), and then the themes of the Lightbearer DLC caused the game to be banned again in Australia. Well, the game isn't over 18. I don't think Codemasters or Formula 1 would want to risk having their game classified only to adults, rather than being accessible to those Under 18. As I'm in Australia, I'm going to use Australian classifications for this, but as the game is rated G, they would not want to risk having the game rated to M or MA, just for something as trivial as an alcohol sponsor.
  6. NicCarBel

    Verify DOB for adult sponsors

    No, games can have their classifications/ratings pulled due to DLC breaching their current classification/rating
  7. NicCarBel

    Williams/Mercedes old liveries still in game?

    The liveries should update. I doubt they will add Alonso as a free agent, but if they did, I say it would give you the option to update, similar to the the performance ratings updates.