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  1. Is there any other way to reach to them except with the email adres ''custservice@codemasters.com''?
  2. Thanks for the reply PJTierney appreciate it i didn't know who i needed to reach. I will send them a email. Thanks!
  3. @PJTierneyCould you please open new Racenet challenges on Grid Autosport PS3/Xbox 360? They ended without a warning.
  4. We need new racenet challenges on GRID Autosport. Put up a few more, so people can do it for the last time. šŸ¤¬
  5. @admins Please fix this ASAP! We are waiting for more than a month! Update this and fix it
  6. What about Micro Machines? There is a bugged trophy ''Haunted''. It never got fixed after the patch. I don't know if there is any forums about this game on this site, but would be great if that getting fixed tho after all those years since it goes on sale every month.
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