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  1. We have seats available in our American Xbox Championship. See here for more information.
  2. SportsGeekDruid

    Coche equitativo

    Thanks. I've been copy/pasting your conversation into Google Translate to follow along.  :)
  3. SportsGeekDruid

    What are you hoping for with 2015?

  4. SportsGeekDruid

    What's Your Favourite F1 Game?

    Yes, F1 2010 was certainly the best from a career perspective. I'd stress this above others, but since the other posters have done a good job in describing the best parts of F1 2010, I won't reiterate it again. That being said, F1 2013 was the best from a multiplayer stand point. It seemed like the most polished and best balanced game in that regard.
  5. SportsGeekDruid

    Can't Host Online Race (F1 2013)

    I race with a group as part of a league on a weekly basis. One player cannot join my online session when I host (connection failure, it says), but others can join just fine. When he hosts, I get the connection error, though others connect just fine. When anyone else hosts, both he and I can connect just fine. Does anyone else see this issue? Any work-arounds or ideas on what could cause this?
  6. SportsGeekDruid

    What new F1 titles are you going to buy?

    I will definitely buy the F1 2015 game on my next gen console. I am not sure about F1 2014 though. I was really hoping the next game would be on the next gen consoles. I want something new, but not if the next game comes out early next year. Of course, even if early next year, F1 2015 is probably 9 months away from now.  :s
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    Welcome Back to the Forums!

    Glad to see the forums are back!