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  1. I just raise the same issue. Even in Driver Career I cannot finish a race without retiring from damaged gearbox on F2 cars. I have been playing sims for years and had not had that happen. What is your race percentage? I have mine at 50%. Maybe a scale bug?
  2. Hi all, I came back after F1 2016. I have been playing for a couple of days now on 85 difficulty, enjoying both the new My Team and the Driver Career modes. I have one issue though, I play with no assists, full damage, manual gear changes, and my gearbox gets worn out after 2 races. On F2 , sometimes i cannot complete a single race weekend. I am on PS4 and with a controller. My race distance is 50% and it makes me think that it could be a scaling bug? I can definitely smooth my downshifts a bit but still, it doesn't feel that it will fix the issue entirely.