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    Penalties for getting hit..

    What have you been smoking? So another car hits me and your theory is to give both drivers penalties. Youre clearly like the idiots who implemented this in the game.
  2. Why must you insist to have a bug report when codemasters know full well that this is widespread throughout the community. Why not come out and admit the mistakes made and offer to rectify the problem to not only fix the issues but offer a discount on the next game or some kind of incentive to people that paid £65 for yet another broken game.
  3. I think you missed my point, I can comply with the bug reporting when necessary but as it has been reported numerous times I think 10 years of frustration was handled pretty fair in my reply. But as you wish... Please provide the contact details to make a complaint to codemasters as I want my money back as I am sick of being ripped off

    Patch 1.05 - Messed up wheel controls

    It’s the same for everyone. No point writing out hundreds of bug reports. The game is unplayable and yet there have been other reports of this over the last 24 hours and nothing has been done about it. 10 years code idiots have been releasing half finished buggy games and ripping people off for their hard earned money.
  5. With all due respect the problem solely lies with codemasters on this one. I like many others have overpaid for an unfinished game that is now unplayable due to a patch they released to the public.

    Camera issues whilst driving

    Yeh same problem same everything except I’m using a Thrustmaster 458 Italia. Codemasters do you even test these patches before releasing them? £65 for a yet another broken game what a joke.