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  1. I was having underbody damage in Austria after every lap of free practice. So this was the reason then? Was it sorted with any patches?
  2. Update for auto-gearbox users. My problem was breaking and down-shifting being on the same button. I though when using auto-gearbox the shifting buttons would be inactive but they were not. This seemed to have solved it. @BarryBL, I finished the whole f2 gp weekend without any excessive wear thanks.
  3. Hi @BarryBL, I changed the shift down button (although i am not using it). Speking for the free practice of F2, Azerbaijan, there was no excessive wear. Gearbox still looks green. So this looks like it solved the issue for my case. It seems the car was trying to double shift down or smt. while I was trying to break. I will still finish the quali and the race and edit this. I cannot believe I couldnt play the game all this time because of such reason. How stupid of me.
  4. I have changed the controls accordingly and I'm giving a try.
  5. Hello @BarryBL, Correct it's my save. I do auto-gearbox. R2 on PS4 controller for throttle and square for breaking. From all the posts here, I understand mine was the worst looking wear and I somehow still think it has smt. to do with analog button breaking. I use medium traction control asst. and anti-lock breaks, but no auto breaking assist.
  6. Just wanted to try and see if it made any difference after 1.07 and went to the 2nd gp of F2, Azerbaijan. Gearbox turned yellow after 5 laps of free practice.
  7. I am using the PS4 controller. Auto gears. I use R2 for throttle but square for brakes. Can this be the issue, as square is an analog button? You can only break hard.
  8. Hi @BarryBL happened to me in both myteam and mycareer modes. It died on the 8th lap of first GP of myteam mode and 4/5th laps of both 1st races of mycareer mode f2 season.
  9. Hello, follow the below link to copy your save files from PS4 to a usb disk. Then you can attach them here when sending a post or upload to wetransfer like i did, and paste wetansfer link here. https://support.playstation.com/s/article/Manage-PS4-Saved-Data-on-USB-Storage?language=en_US
  10. I started one myteam and one mycareer saves. I had to stop both as I cannot finish one full race cause of the bug. I attached the save so it's either one of those modes or both. Please solve it fast I played a total of 25-30 minutes and no more. @BarryBL I hope some other friends will provide files as well to solve this as fast as possible. https://we.tl/t-vV7gVrYZT4
  11. Yes why not add an option to turn it off until a solution is found. It seems we'll still wait after waiting for one month. Seriously this is getting annoying, not finding a solution for smt. that you have created yourselves.
  12. So sad and have no idea why it's taking so long even just to understand the problem. At least we deserve an explanation and timing for the fix. I don't want a refund, this is one of the 3-4 games I play. Bu we cannot play it.
  13. I started a new save. This one is Career mode now. Previous one was myteam. Can we get the game-mode in which your report was based off? My first try was myteam with 1.04. Then I started career mode after 1.05. Does the issue happen for you in every session, or just some? Cover as much detail here if possible please, so all modes, percentages. Happened to me in every session. Even at the free practice of the F2 GP the gearbox turned orange. Then GB died in both races. Assist combinations, in particular things that would be gearbox related? Au
  14. Dear Codemasters admins, I know you are drowning in hundreds of reports trying to figure out every single bug. But this issue that makes the game totally unplayable should be your first concern. Many people cannot even finish one race either in myteam mode or career mode. Either in 100% race distance or lower. With different engines. Also many people are having to change the gearbox after every race ending up with penalties. Everybody here posted their evidence reports showing that it was not solved but actually got worse. Actually not hearing anything from you since the release of patch 1.05
  15. I guess I have seen reports with different engines. I had it with Renault at myteam mode. It actually doesn't matter cause I had it worse at career mode with F2 car so I guess it's not the engine.
  16. And the worst part is, it says ''solved'' on the headline. 🤦‍♂️
  17. This was - NOT - the problem. The wear is just too high regardless from the session length. People reported the bug here with different season lenghts. The moment I saw the patch notes I thought that it was not fixed and unfortunately I was right. Waited for 11 days and now we'll wait more. Sorry I've read it as ''session'' but still it does not matter. I don't think it had anything to do with the season length.
  18. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Gearbox wear is just terrible with me. Worse than everybody else who posted here. I don't know what else to write, we have been discussing for one week already. Patch made it worse. Got DNF 5th or 6th lap in feature and sprint races. What is it %16 wear per lap?? I can only laugh now. Using auto gearbox with PS4 controller. Didn't do any flashbacks. 2. Platform PS4 3. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen)
  19. Great news Barry thanks. Will the patch affect the ongoing save or we need to start a new one? Sorry if it was asked and answered before.
  20. Yes there have been many complaints about this and I guess it's with the developers now. I really hope it will be sorted out in the coming patch announced by the twitter account yesterday. I downloaded the game on the 10th and could only play for 1 hour. Never looked at it again since the DNF.
  21. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Gearbox wear is incredibly high. Had DNF on the 8th lap in Australia with 100% gearbox wear. (With FP3 and Q1&2 it's around 28 laps in total.) I am on auto gearbox but still... 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.03 on the game screen but when i check from the ps4 main menu, the update past says it's 1.04. very confusing. 3. Game-mode? my team 4. What are your replication numbers? Minimum te
  22. I hope our friends are acting fast about this cause the game is totally unplayable. 100% wear and DNF after 8 laps in Australia and 27% wear after 7 laps of FP3 in Bahrain. It's impossible to play without a fix.
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