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  1. Gibbs444

    gameplay changed with patchs?

    My CSL felt different and I couldnt figure it out, didnt even know it had been patched, came here and realized a patch had been applied. Yes there was some change. No big deal just adjusted to get the old feel, great game except the rain every 3rd race, practice, or qualifying.
  2. Gibbs444

    Dynamic Weather Changes

    Gggzz, I am pulling my hair out! This makes the game so tedious. I am trying to dial in my car spend alot of time in practice doing this and then it starts raining, I get the car dialed in then it starts raining in qualifying. I go through all of practice and then qualifying to find it is raining during the race. The problem is it should be considered a bug, the system is broke, in 4 out of my first 5 races it rained at some point. Codemasters this isnt fun!
  3. Gibbs444

    Lewis Hamilton lost my respect today

    The guy rides out front all day we dont know how good he is actually racing in traffic anymore.
  4. Gibbs444

    Thanks Codemasters 😀👍

    yea I agree its a good game and the cars are fun to driver
  5. Gibbs444

    Buttkicker Gamer 2

    I have a buttkicker2 for PS4 bolted to my next level rig right under the front of the seat and I think it works pretty good. Unfortunately on F1 games you need to turn up the volume all the way up or one click from Max which may or may not cause fade after a while. Not having volume dial and having to click every time it comes on and not know where you are sucks. Settings Volume all the way up or one click from max lowcut out off high on next button (clicked in) dial just past 110 If your saying you only feel vibration when one side goes off but not the other that is not my experience. I feel vibration just from the car idling with setting above.
  6. Gibbs444

    Lighting and shadows downgrade on foliage

    I agree the overall package is much better and I have to say between the handling, ERS, mirror, split screen, and even the menus are better it is much more then an upgrade in my opinion. I think people here are a little bit spoiled with codie. As a guy that played Madden in paid leagues in the past EA never listened, their games were just roster updates and bugs and features stayed broke year after year! They seem to try to make a good game and part of it is ESports and wanting real drivers to like it.
  7. Gibbs444

    No Hard Copies

    Yes I am US, its no worries, I finally got it downloaded looks like this is going to be an awesome game. There is alot of detail and polish on this!
  8. Gibbs444

    No Hard Copies

    Thanks for the reply, downloading it now, cant wait to play, just wish if I know I was going to get a digital copy I would of started earlier instead of waiting for gamestop to open. As a side not, I was at Gamestop as they opened the doors and when I go to their website there is no option to pick it up anywhere that I see. Only available to order to the house and arrives between July 15-17. On Amazon you cant get the PS4 version until June 27. Checked Bestbuy within a 125 miles that included 26 stores none in stock earliest I could pick up was July 16. If I was into conspiracys I would say you maybe pushing us into digital copies. So something is screwy, if you ask me!
  9. Gibbs444

    No Hard Copies

    I am not a gamer just like racing games. So maybe I am a fool for posting this but I thought no problem get up go to gamestop and get a copy. I go any like I had in the past and the guy says they dont have any copies only if I pre-ordered. I live in a big city so I get online and Gamestop doesnt have any copies anywhere and it will take a week to have one delivered. How can Gamestop not be selling hard copies? Is this more a codemaster problem? This digital release **** is such a scam for the consumer. The developer pays less to have it distributed and we dont get to resell the game back.