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  1. Cap10

    Car Handling Model

    this is my point just because some drivers are able to take advantage and capable of driving with more rear ballast doesn't make this a cheat or exploit because that what a ballast does it changes the balance of the car and affect other settings directly or indirectly. it like saying running very high negative camber gives you unfair cornering grip advantage.
  2. Cap10

    Car Handling Model

    don't get it why say the ballast was a cheat?? it does what it suppose to if moved to the back will help the car rotate, it an element of setup that you could tweek to your like and driving style. to some it worked and others just did not bother with it but call it a cheat is just wrong and ignorant. by the way here is an impression from a sim racer and it very positive.
  3. the bomb as been drop! this is crazy unreal! thanks lee and formula 1/FIA!
  4. your right, this is something that could enhanced the sound of the engine screaming and make it sound a bit more aggressive and immersive.
  5. no because he doesn't hit the rev limiter (look at the rpm led on the steering) at the end of the long straight. @4:35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZgON5hQxn8&t=406s now vs the real sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzmBKgraHlI&t=79s too me it does sound pretty good and close to the real engine sound. also the tunnel like effect that is heard is to simulate sound bouncing of the walls as it a street circuit and the walls are very close.
  6. what are you talking about exterior (tv broadcast style) replay sounds or cockpit/tv pod in the game?
  7. you can create a championship within the league with just you and a friend or more( pick same team or different team) and race against the ai. @20:38
  8. I think it to make them sound les pitchy and more growly like they are suppose too. f1 engine have more of deep loud growl specially in the low & mid rpm's.
  9. Cap10

    Lando Norris streaming F1 2019

    nice to see lando enjoy the f2 in the wet he also made a few key remarks hope codies made notes of those -in the wet he did say this a few times that he can't see much infront when following cars but still see's too much compared to real life. (that's is because of the absence of rooster-tails of water spray from the cars. -Paul Ricard track does not have new pit entry. -cars seem to always take same racing line and follow each other, there is not enough variations.
  10. Cap10

    Time Trial Cheaters

    nope that wasn't me.. I ended up messing up my lap anyway. my fastes lap though is 1:20.9xx 10scs off the leader lol
  11. Cap10

    Time Trial Cheaters

    i once accidently cut the first corner at melbourne in time trial and it was not detected tried to replicate it but was not able to not sure why these cut sometimes pass undetected but i believe it could be something to do with the DRS system conflicting.
  12. Cap10

    F1 2019 - Tires are not realistic

    there is actually a line in the middle it was there also on the 2018 tires IRL and they have that on the 2019 also https://twitter.com/pirellisport/status/1097461662238588930/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1097461662238588930&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wheels24.co.za%2FFormulaOne%2Fvaltteri-bottas-observes-really-shiny-pirelli-tyres-20190219
  13. regardless of been able to drive back to the pit with the damaged cars witch is kind of impossible now if you loose a wheel it stays attached, unlike in the past they used to be able to come back on 3 wheels like shumi in spa 98 but it not the point the grey fade needs to go as it an immersion killer.
  14. issueskid witch engine have you re-worked/improved the most since f1 2018? from what I heard so far not sure if it because of how the car is driven or because they are not final. but I would say Renault seem to have made a big step.. because the mercedes and honda don't seem to sound as close to the real life but Renault was very spot on in all the areas. haven't heard the Ferrari yet. can you please confirm if the sounds of Mercedes & Honda where the final finished in those youtubers videos?
  15. Cap10

    Crash Physics (here me out here)

    cars can be flip in f1 2018 but it takes some luck and not easy to do! mclaren @ 1:38 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofpFLnrLXH0