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  1. Bottas awareness 99 really why how? 2019 Bottas had 5 mistakes/crashes/contacts under pressure when racing get's tough, only counted Qualy & Races as this is what matters and defines car control when a driver is under pressure. vs Hamilton 3. 2018 Bottas 6 vs Hamilton 1 Bottas had a big crash in Qualy Australia and 2 contacts in Hungary race with Ricciardo and Vettel while battling, 1 contact in Mexico race with vettel 1rst lap, lock up while under pressure by raikkonen, mistake in Austin while under pressure by Vettel. only in the last 2 seasons it's bottas 11 vs hamilton 4. Hamilton as way much more car control when under pressure weather it's in qualy or in races not to mention all the battles he had wheel to wheel and avoided contacts compared to Bottas. also anyone remember bahrain 2016 bottas whiped out hamilton at the start in turn1.
  2. technically stroll only potential move in the game should be to Mercedes team.
  3. why no support for simucube 2??
  4. Cap10

    F1 2020 Lapped cars on SC-conditions

    a simple solution would be to have AI take control and overtake the SC to rearrange the order to prevent any errors or accidents. this would be a fair compromise and maybe have the option to turn it on/off for league racing.
  5. this is from OP he meant racing i believe instead of *going* this means car control in wheel to wheel battles or pushing. basically when a driver is under pressure The scores the drivers are given will then affect their on-track performances in the game, as well as helping players unlock certain features and technical upgrades. So, what categories are the drivers scored on? Experience – A higher experience score will help players collect a greater number of ‘Resource Points’, used in the game to buy car upgrades. Racecraft – A higher racecraft score allow the driver to unleash more effective overtakes. Awareness – A higher score here will mean the driver is less likely to lose control of their car when the going gets tough.  Pace – Quite simply, the higher the pace score, the more rapid a driver will be throughout a race.
  6. Hamilton generally performs and delivers under pressure better then Bottas,. if Bottas has an awareness of 99, Hamilton should be 100 this need's to be corrected Bottas will have an unfair advantage. and that is probably the reason Bottas finished 1rst in all the new recent gameplays. Hamilton should be 98 and Bottas 96
  7. Cap10

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    from what i heard so far the overall engine notes tones sound lot better and closer to reality.can really notice the difference between each PU suppliers, well done good job on that. but there are other aspects that need improvements, at lower gears 1-2-3-4 off throttle the engine should have more growl and become slightly louder. why is the engine doing this high pitch winning when shifting very quickly and late this need's to go take that out so annoying. also why do the Merc, Ferrari make this odd PUUURRRRR rumbling on downshifts lower rpm it like a separate sound that kicks in and sound very strange and out of place very simillar to the honda but much more pronounced. it has been in all PU since 2018 it was toned down a little in 2019 and in 2020 renault seems to be the only one to not do this and it sounds the best on downshifts comapared to the others. can clearly hear this PUUURRRR rumbling effect @ 3:05. i would prefer if this could be removed and use the engine tone it self just as the renault.
  8. Cap10

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    ZixClon not even close the 2020 sound much better in every way!
  9. Cap10

    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    finally a more realistic handling car look o have more grip down force. i always felt something was odd with that and lacked mechanical grip at low speed. hope they wont change it too much from the beta. nice visuals improvements tyres size& textures looks accurate, colors and gfx looks better and crisper. sound love the engine tone and notes but still need to work on the off throttle and downshifts they do sound better in 2020 but they could make them better. as you come off throttle the engine should become louder and growl in lower gears 3,2,1 instead of that low fake rumble you can hear witch is odd and doesn't even blend in, it like a separate sound that is played and sound too much like the honda weird rumble.
  10. Cap10

    F1 2014 patch?

    slightly improved but it just dosent sound right when decelerating droping down the gears and  off throttle. totally unrealistic and tame. what is wrong with the audio team seriously.. there are amateurs out there that can do something better and closer to the real thing.
  11. Cap10

    [Questionnaire] IMPORTANT! Please help!

    Or here are the questions 1. Do you like Formula 1?  Yes it Awesome!2. Have you played Formula 1 2013?  Yes3. If yes, what do you enjoy about the game? Career,Online, Hot lap,classics cars and tracks,Season mod  4. What do you do in your free time? Ice hockey, workout, watch movies   5. Do you play a lot of video games?  Yes6. If yes how many hours a week do you spend playing games? 20hrs 7. What type of games do you play? Racing,Sports,Action, FPS 8. Do you have any games consoles? Please circle   Yes9. If yes, what consoles do you have? Xone , X360 10.  How old are you? 33 11. Do you use social Media? Yes occasionaly12. Do you prefer single or multiplayer games? Both 13. Are you male or female? Male 14. What genre most appeals to you? Racing 15. Would you consider yourself a casual, mid-core or hardcore gamer? Mid-core 16. Where do you live? Canada, Quebec 17. Where and how do you buy games? Local stores & Steam 18. How much do you spend on gaming per month? Don't spend every month on games but yearly 5-6 games is about $500 CAD  19. What other games do you enjoy? Nhl, Fifa,  Forza 5, asseto corsa , GTA V, Battlefield, COD 20. Do you play F1 2013 Competitively? With other peopleNo, considering to join a good competive league some day. 
  12. well it pretty obvious the reason they don't make the side plates fall off is because it would look silly when your pit guy's change your rear wing.. they would have to make a separate animation and it probably not an option.  Look if you could do it on frosties gr-r-rand Prix racing in 2000 in a game that came free with some cereal, you can do it now on a £40 game in 2014 yes sure do agree with that. if you look at the animation when changing rear wing in the game the pit crew hold end/side plates to remove the wing to change it so I guess due to this they where either to lazy to make multiple animations. so they decided to leave it that way. could also be resources limitation issues. 
  13. well it pretty obvious the reason they don't make the side plates fall off is because it would look silly when your pit guy's change your rear wing.. they would have to make a separate animation and it probably not an option. 
  14. those complaining about too little cockpit/t-cam showing. Hatta mentioned a 2nd video coming VERY soon with spa maybe this one will show only cockpit and t-cam this time..
  15.      there are some slight improvement with gfx, look nicer and more real life like lighting.. also some textures are higher resolution as well. some minuses like engine sounds are weak and missing that deep growl when off throttle/engine brake.  overall like the way it look and feel it not bad of an upgrade mean time waiting for the nxt gen release!
  16. Cap10

    F1 2014 Cockpit View

    how about a customized view where u can select btw few set Fov's and move up/down  forward/back in your seat like u can do with rfactor and asseto corsa    
  17. thx for letting us know!
  18. Cap10

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Bahrain Hotlap

    f1 car are very grippy to a certain point where they reach there threshold and start loosing grip it all depends on ur setup/corner/ speed/throttle  and if you unsettle the car with quick direction changes with poor setup! if you don't drive on the limit and push/overdrive the car or take any corner too fast u should not have to fight and constantly slide or fight the car. I do agree that cm should revamp there physics to have this replicated as much as possible. grip limitations are a lacking part of the physics. 
  19. Cap10

    What would be NEW in F1 2014???

      nvrm delete plz
  20. Cap10

    Prediction for 15' release

    at the start of 2015 season early march! 
  21. Cap10

    What new F1 titles are you going to buy?

    going to buy both because I want to race the 2014 season with all new rules and regulations new turbo engine and sounds track side marshalls ect... we need  to support them so they reward us with a great next-gen game built from scratch with all the goodies we want! 
  22. Cap10

    NellyFurtado demands an answer

    Neely Furtado what.. Really that's  awesome would love to go one on one.. I mean online racing btw ;) Well Auto Grid is not my priority and it very disappointing  that we haven't heard anything yet about F1 2014! Hope it on nxt gen because if it just the same as f1 2013 with 2014 season upgrade not going to support this... unless there are significant new elements and features added and improvements that justify it.