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  1. pbouc2s

    controller controls

    Don't have the place and the money, i play with a controller since 2015, and it is almost the only game i play, so im pretty handy with a controller;)
  2. pbouc2s

    Radio glitch

    hello, i am playing on pc, V1.05, myteam mode. When i ask jeff the championship standings, he alwayd respond 22th, still i am first or second. I restarted the game and reinstall it. The glitch was already in the 1.03 version of the game.
  3. pbouc2s

    controller controls

    hello, i am playing with a ds4 on pc, V1.05. Each time my controller disconnects, my controls are reset to the default one. I need to disable the default, disable my custom one, then enable my custom one for it to work. Never did thats on F1 2019.
  4. pbouc2s

    honda engine sound

    the honda engine sound is unaccurate... not enough pops and bang and not the same sound as in real life. Can you fix this?
  5. hello, i am the only one who thinks the redbull steering wheel is not correct since 2018? It is not large enough, so it looks a bit silly. On the onboard we see the steering in real life and it looks much larger. Also the notch on the top is thinner.
  6. pbouc2s

    Engine sound problem

    Okay so now, third season and the engine sound finally changed. Don't why...
  7. I have the same issue, pc 1.03. Change from honda to mercedes, the sound stayed the same.
  8. hello, i am playing on pc, version 1.03. In my first season i had the honda engine. For my second season, i changed the engine to mercedes. Still, i have the honda engine sound. I turn off my pc, restarted the game but still a problem. I tried in time trial using the mercedes and the sound is spot on. Thanks.